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This is fiction(Story) created based on the scenarios which are changing. How the coming generations are going to grapple with emotional issues, how machines are going to engulf us. It also depicts the high aspirations that women are going to have in the coming years. This also gives a clue to the few who at this point in time are yet to be married to protect their egg and sperms to take care of their future needs in case it arrises.

I was tired as I returned from the office. Came home removed my clothes, changed myself, went, and saw my parents who were staying with me. My parents were ill and were being taken care of by Doctana the robot which was taking care of them by giving medicines and nursing them. I was the only son of my parents and I had employed various robots for various purposes. Doctana was programmed and trained to take care of all the needs including changing Diaper, feeding, and giving a bath to my parents.

I had my dinner at the office, hence I went straight away to the bed. Romana was standing with attractive sexy clothing. I kissed her as usual, she could sense all my needs as and when required and was also aware of my preferences. The moment I entered she queries If I was very tired and if would require just a massage for the night. I say yes to her and post a beautiful massage fall asleep. Romana was a Robot that took care of my personal biological needs designed figuratively like Lakshmi whom I had loved during the college days.

Lakshmi and I studied together in the college, I did develop a crush on her as she is way very beautiful and intelligent. Post the college after a few years of settling myself self I had proposed to her to get married, but she was reluctant. She said she wanted to have a path of her own and wasn’t interested to get married, and progressed with her career, now she is the CEO of XYZ Beauty salons ltd. Beauty Salons was a company which she started after doing adequate research on various bio substances and the effect of sunlight on the same. The Salon had an open terrace with a few beds and would give treatment to individuals based on the reaction of bio substances to the sunlight which differed from Individual to Individual. It has been years since I talked to Lakshmi. I felt I should speak to her tomorrow. Something saw troubling in my mind as I fell asleep.

I woke up in the morning, brushed my teeth, and was sitting in the balcony to have a cup of tea as usual. Eatana was the robot designed to make food for me as and when required. I asked Eatana to get me a cup of coffee. As I was drinking coffee, I felt alone, lost in mind and body. I had acquired everything in life, which I had wanted. I became the CEO of a big MNC company Robo Sapiens Ltd which was specialized in customizing and programming Robos to the needs of the various human beings rather it be male or female. That is how Doctana, Romana, Eatana, and Workana became a part and participle of my life. I deeply wanted somebody in my life to have an emotional connect which I was missing, I was already fifty plus. Till a few years before Parents were giving me that emotional support. I still remember the mother serving my food on the table even if it was Eleven O clock in the night, and used to sit with me till I ate and went to bed. Father used to wake me up in the morning and take me for a walk now that both of them had fallen ill something was troubling me. I wanted to make a call to find out if Lakshmi would be keen to get married now.

I called her in the morning. She was very excited about the moment I called her. I for a moment thought that she would get keen as she had already done good for her, and she was also in the fifties. We exchanged our pleasantries, talk about each other, but once these formalities were through, Lakshmi started talking about her Global plans, how she is planning her expansion, how her research with nature has proven successful, and how it is becoming beneficial to the human beings, for most of them who got treated with her never became obese and were slim and trim and never fell ill. She explained how Animals roamed around healthy in the forest, the relationship to sunlight, and not being obsessed beyond what they are supposed to be and she used the same principle after doing adequate research for human treatment.

I was left with no choice. I did not want to marry any other than Lakshmi as I felt very few would understand me as much as Lakshmi. As I was speaking to Lakshmi I thought, why not adopt a child or have a child of my own. Suddenly the webpage came in front of me. I thought we could have a child of or own without getting married.

I sensed the changing environments and had stored my Sperm at the age of 35 such that there are no issues with respect to the progeny as and when required. I thought that Lakshmi would have also done the same. With great reluctance, I asked Lakshmi if she had by any chance stored her egg. Unfortunately, it looked like she had decided long back that she would not want to fall into any of these emotional traps. She was very clear that she and her business grew multi-folds.I decided that I would want a child, and I also felt that I will at this point in time try to have my own child than adopting as I had stored my Sperm.

I had my breakfast, made and served by Eatana, later I instructed Workana to do all the household chores. I opened my Laptop, registered myself to the Child.Com webpage to understand what it had in store for me.

The transcript of Child.Com flowed as follows.

Are you a Man or Woman

Do you want a Child or would want to donate sperm or egg or become a surrogate mother

Do you want a child produced or reared from your own tissue

If from your tissue, which location and place

Which Hospital

Which Doctor

What would be a suitable time period for you

Book and Confirm

If you want a child produced

It would ask do you have your own Sperm and Egg

If only Sperm or egg please pick from the donor list for egg or sperm

It listed the list of Sperm and Egg Donors, their age, physical attribute, and their qualifications, etc but did not reveal their identity

If we had sperm and egg it would give the list of people ready to be surrogate mothers

Once we selected what we wanted accordingly each had a price tag, and we had to confirm.

The web page was very beautifully designed and a lot of hits were there on the page. There were success stories of people from all around.

I got further confused not knowing what to want to do. I went back leaned on to my mother cried out of my heart. She had told me to get married but I did not. She told that get married things will fall in place as much as your job. Without knowing any culture of the company you have joined in, adapted, and flourished, similarly without knowing too you can get married and flourish she used to say. I used to say only Laskhmi understands me. She tried her best but I did not listen during those days.

As I cried and wept Mom suggested to me that she leaves the option to me either to go to or she had a better plan for me.

She said to go and marry a widow, with or without children, adopt a child from any of the orphanages. She felt that by doing this you will be in a position to serve two people and also get the needed emotional connection. She also felt if I do not make a decision now on this over a period of time child orphanages too will not be there or will become scarce and I will have to rely only on Child.Com.

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