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Cheating Death

Cheating Death

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They promised me that my family would be taken care if anything happens to me. They paid me a huge amount of money. That money was crucial for a family like mine. With my father’s pending heart operation and my younger sister’s marriage, that money had helped a lot. I agreed to their terms and conditions.

I started my training at the camp a day after I got the call. Those days were tough. Despite being a skinny boy, I gave my best and successfully completed the training. One day they had assigned us a task of infiltrating an exhibition centre and eliminate every people inside it. We started the next day early morning. We changed our attire, dressed up ourselves as people from different parts of the community. I dressed up as a rich young billionaire. I wore a grey waistcoat and pant with a lavender shirt and a purple tie. My hair was gelled, my wrist was showing-off costly-looking cufflinks and wore a duplicate Rolex. We crossed the border through a motorboat bribing few officials, we easily got through the border.

After reaching the city we parted our ways and decided to attack the exhibition centre in the evening from different spots. We started firing at 4:30 pm. The crowd was running from one point to another and then back again. We positioned ourselves in a hexagon shape, blocking all the point of exits. There was no escape. Seeing people running for dear life aimlessly reminded me of sacrificial goats we used to cut and eat from our backyard. Little did my work buddies knew that it was them who was the sacrificial goats. They fired, sound emerged from the gun but bullets started falling into the ground instead. They started throwing grenades. The grenades hit the wall and then bounced off it. As soon as it hit the ground, it started playing kindergarten jingles. Military personnel dressed as civilians tackled my work buddies and put them in a handcuff. Once I heard the bullet sound from other corners, I put my gun down and lifted my hand up in the air. Lieutenant Colonel Jagdish came up towards me and shook my hand.

While my work buddies were fast asleep on the boat I replaced all of the original bullets including mine with just its shell. I replaced all the grenades and other explosives with a look-alike but a heavy toy. I threw all of the originals in the ocean. When I bribed the coast guard officials, I was actually letting them know my plan. Not every government employee in the country is greedy for money.

How did all this happen? Why would I dig my own grave? Was it true that I was desperate for money?

It was true that I had my own family problems. Does that mean that I will sacrifice my own life, betray my own country and give my fate in the hands of a cold-blooded ruthless group who have no value for the life of a human being? HELL NO!

Hello, my name is Ram Kumar Varma and I am from Hades. I learned a few days back that I have cancer. I was under the same mindset as any other cancer patient would be. Stress, depression, giving-up attitude, and all other negative things took me to hell and back each and every day. The doctor’s predicted my life span would be around 6 months to 1 year. I decided to keep the news of my health to myself. I started thinking about myself and the people around me. I asked myself what could I do with my life for 6 months? Should I enjoy my last 6 months or should I use that to help others? Should I volunteer for an NGO? There are many people for that. I should do something daring that normal people would go weak in their knees just thinking about it. I decide to go to their camp and do whatever I can to eliminate them. This was indeed a high-risk manoeuvre. I could not even go to my own government and talk about this. They would not allow that. Nobody will. That is how crazy I am.

To make things worse I had a family to take care and I am the only person with an income. I sold a piece of land, broke my fixed deposit, asked some loan money from the bank and transferred all the money to my mother’s account. I did not know whether I would make it back alive. Hence, I at least wanted my family to do well without me. One day I provoked my parents and started a fight with them. I exhibited a good drama in from of them, took my bags which was already packed and stormed off the house. I yelled at them and as I walked my cheeks became wet from tears. I said I would never come back to this house again; wiping my tears off.

One month into the diagnosis, I was counting my days. The highest civilian award was given to me by the government and I had enough money to take care of my family.

Of course, I was soon killed by the group I betrayed, but hey, I cheated death and died before cancer could get me.

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