Punyasloke Bose

Drama Tragedy


Punyasloke Bose

Drama Tragedy

Back from the Brink

Back from the Brink

10 mins

Disclaimer - The following story is a fiction influenced by the author's imagination. The contents and the characters are fictitious. Any resemblance is purely coincidental and unintentional. 

After forcibly opening the door the world came down at his feet. Getting no response from his master the domestic help had to use force to open the door of the flat. The film celebrity Kumar Sachin was lying on the ground with a ladies scarf or dupatta around his neck. At first sight it seemed that there was no life in his body. The domestic help Kunwar began shouting for help. 

In a little while there was a motley crowd gathered around curious to know more rather than to help. However, someone dialled the Police. After overcoming the initial shock, Kunwar remembered to call Kumar's agent and his best friend the film director Mohit. 

Very soon the police came and along with the media. The news of this shocking incident was all over the television, radio and social media. The general public was absolutely shocked. Kumar was a very popular film star and his rise had been meteoric. The initial news broadcast was that Kumar had committed suicide and this sent shock waves. People had mixed reactions. Some were very sad and some were very dazed. The younger generation to whom Kumar had been a heartthrob was utterly devastated especially the female fans. The film industry had gone into limbo. The big question on everyone's mind was why take this extreme step. He was very successful and he was not without work. There were quite a few projects of his in the pipeline. 

The Police were sending the body for post mortem. But Mohit objected. He knew that now he had to take over as Kumar was living alone and his immediate family was in his native place. Mohit called for an ambulance and took Kumar to the hospital because he felt there was still life in his body. Any delays here would jeopardise his survival. Kumar was shifted directly to the ICU and put on life support. The doctors observed that there was feeble life available in the body. Mohit had been right and if Kumar survived it would be only because of Mohit. 

Later the observation was that the dupatta Kumar had used was a very old one and due its age had become tethered and tore before Kumar could hang from it. The dupatta could not carry the weight of Kumar. Falling down on the ground Kumar had fallen on his head and had become unconscious. The dupatta was his mother's and it was a very old one since her teenage days. Kumar preserved it as a token of remembrance of his mother who was no longer alive. He had loved her dearly.

 The doctors diagnosed that Kumar had suffered a hemorrhage. Doctors did critical brain surgery and removed a clot. Then Kumar was put under constant observation. A medical board updated his status at regular intervals. 

Huge crowd had gathered at the hospital to know his progress. Some other fans went to temples to offer their prayers for a speedy recovery for their star. Kumar had become the dream idol of all poor and middle class families young generation. The way he danced and way he walked with a swag were all emulated by his fans. 

Mohit was the only one who took it upon himself to take full responsibility to bring back Kumar safe and sound amongst his followers. In the immediate family was his retired father as his mother had passed away few years ago. The tragic news was forwarded to Kumar's family. 

Mohit was the first director who launched Kumar Sachin now known simply as Kumar. A small town boy named Sachin Kumar Singh had come to Mohit some seven years ago. He had lot of dreams in his eyes and a passion for hard work to achieve success. In fact Mohit had changed his name to the more trendy Kumar Sachin. 

Kumar was academically a brilliant scholar, the type that generally do not come knocking at a film director's door. But he had a dream and a fiery ambition which Mohit thought was extraordinary because it could not be quelled. Kumar had come fully prepared. A bright student had completed his engineering course and then directly enrolled in a dance school, ignoring good job placements. After excelling in all the contemporary commercial dance formats he came directly upon Mohit. He even won a dance reality show so his resume looked impressive. 

Mohit was also a new comer on the block. He had got his first directorial venture and was finalising his team when suddenly Kumar landed. He fitted to the 'T' in the lead role as the protagonist. Mohit had this type of a candidate in mind. After conducting an audition Mohit knew he needn't look elsewhere. The film rolled on like a perfect dream come true. It launched Kumar firmly as the new heartthrob and Mohit as the new director with ideas. It did very good business and secured both Kumar and Mohit financially. Even the heroine Aruna who paired opposite to Kumar was also eulogised. In fact they became very good friends. Kumar and Aruna did a mega soap serial on the television that became very popular and launched the pair on the path to stardom. They took their friendship to the next level and they moved in with each other in a live in relation. The gossip magazine and paparazzi got the fodder for their publications and they too did roaring business. 

The second venture of Mohit followed in quick succession with again Kumar in the lead. It went on gloriously for an even greater success. Financially after this neither Kumar nor Mohit had to look backwards. 

Then for the next six to seven years various other films followed of Kumar with other iconic directors and all became smash hits. Kumar had set the box office on fire. He was living his and many others dreams combined. Phenomenon was the apt word for him.. Awards soon followed for him. Yet he still had the boy next door look. 

Kumar who had humble beginnings, was not ready to go back to his earlier life but wanted to exploit the present situation to the best of his ability. He was overtly ambitious and there was a huge unquenchable thirst in him. Mohit who had tasted many failures earlier knew what life could be when everything is down. So he wanted to teach Kumar to handle failures. But Kumar was marching on with back to back succeses . Mohit had tasted his success through Kumar so he was ever indebted to him. Although Kumar had appointed an agent to look after his contracts and finances but it was Mohit who did the bulk of the job out of sheer gratitude. 

 Mohit knew that finding success in the film industry was very difficult and it was even more difficult to maintain the successful position. When there is no work and no one is ready to sign your contracts then the situation may prove to be very vulnerable. Mohit who had his normal ups and downs was mentally adapted to the situation. But Kumar had tasted instant stardom and fan adulation, was always on the high like one intoxicated and in his case by success. 

But recently away from the public glare everything was not perfect for Kumar. The same that happens to instant celebrities the same fever struck Kumar. Everything was not going right for him in his personal life. His so many years relationship with Aruna had ended. Countless fans were heartbroken at their break up. This match people thought was heavenly. As success came his way newer relationship started building up. But they were all short lived. Mohit silently observed all this from the background and never did he intervene. Only on rare occasions when he got a chance to meet him alone he cautioned Kumar of the dangers of so many relationships and frequency of the changes. Kumar just smiled and took it in his stride. So Mohit knew this did not bother Kumar. But there was something else that was plaguing him. 

Mohit had come across many filmy moguls the so called godfathers in the industry. Every new comer had to take the blessings of these figures to stay relevant in the industry. Only the film starlings that is the kids of the established stars were spared. But Kumar was of a different mould. He did not believe in appeasing someone or some group to stay relevant. He wanted to establish his own rules so that other aspirants could get an easy access to the industry. Kumar wanted the end of all nepotism and favouritism. Many a time he had angrily discussed this with Mohit. The word of caution, to not step on somebody else's track, advice of Mohit fell on deaf ears of Kumar. Kumar was total non conformist and did not want to make any compromises. Kumar believed in merit and only merit. He had proved it also. 

But recently Mohit had found Kumar would be brooding and absent-minded. Very unlike of him. Many a time Mohit had wanted to know and be a part of the problems by taking a share of it. But Kumar often brushed it off. It was also known to Mohit that Kumar had been taking consultancy services of Psychiatrists. Probably Kumar had mental health issues and was battling it. Mohit used to tell him that there is no shame in sharing. Probably, Mohit guessed that some biggie in the industry was out and out wanted to snuff out Kumar's career. Mohit had overheard some telephonic conversation. Due to this Kumar may be feeling the pressure and going into depression. Mohit wanted to help. But Kumar thought it below his dignity and cowardly to seek help and not fight it out on one's own self. 

Luckily now Kumar had recovered and the hospital transferred him to his own private ward. His father had come to see him. Some of his cousins, their spouses and kids had come also. The news spread of his recovery. Social media and news channels were again abuzz. The Police now came to Mohit and wanted to take a statement from Kumar. They wanted to know the cause of this radical step. Because an attempt to suicide is a criminal offence. Kumar was now under deep sedatives and under prescribed medication of neurologists. So they requested the police to avoid disturbing him. As to force Kumar now to give details of the reasons would amount to taxing his brain which may be detrimental to his health. As a result the police postponed it for a later stage. 

Mohit got the report that the so called movie moguls were now panicky after hearing the recovery of Kumar. They were now fearful of being named and framed. 

Slowly Kumar fully recovered and got discharged from the hospital. On his homeward bound journey his fans stood on both sides of the road showering rose petals over him. Kumar was visibly moved. Mohit who was by his side reminded him of his duty towards his fans. Kumar also pledged never to repeat this drastic step in real life. Only he could do it in reel life and that too he would be doing conveying a positive message. 

After few days of rest Kumar got himself admitted to a rehab center. It was a private resort situated in the ghats with picturesque hills and waterfalls. Mohit was always by his side. He was put in a regimen of yoga, meditation and breathing exercises. 

Then Kumar gave the due statement that the Police wanted from him. He said that as he was feeling cold due to the AC so he wrapped around his neck the dupatta and while sleeping he fell down from his bed accidentally. The Police was satisfied and went away leaving Kumar behind in peace. All the movie moguls and so called mafia and godfathers heaved a huge sigh of relief. Mohit was smiling. He knew Kumar had a big heart and would aggrieve no one. Then within a few days his latest film released the one whose shooting had completed just before his accident. This was the film the fixers were trying to play very dirty with Kumar and were the reason for his mental health issue. 

The film went on to become a runaway hit. It grossed more money than most of the films of the so called godfathers and other superstars. Kumar's fans were thanking Mohit for taking timely action and saving their mega star's life and make his return from the Brink. 

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