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Athina Nadar

Drama Crime Thriller


Athina Nadar

Drama Crime Thriller

Annihilator - The Destruction

Annihilator - The Destruction

11 mins

Thousands of books all here and there, some lying on the floor and some intact on the book shelf. Silence all over and darkness all around. Suddenly, lights enter the room as someone breaks the door and enters. They are the cops who came to investigate the murder which happened in old library which has been closed from the years. 

   At that moment, they hear the sounds of shoes, they also heard that someone is trying to break the glass. They rush inside to see where the noise is coming from, they find out that window glass been broken which has the way towards the forest and they find no one there.

  Cops sealed the crime scene area, “Crime Scene- Do not enter” stickers all around. Veer, head of the Investigation team has collected some evidence from the crime scene. Veer has multiple packets of evidence in his hands, which is collected by him and the team. He discusses with his senior, “Sir, We have found the traces of tyre marks from the forest which might be the vehicle used by the criminal. And one more thing sir, we have found a book which has picture of three monkeys which resembles the principles of Gandhiji and it is fully spoilt by the Victim Rajvansh's blood and also the victim's body and evidence has been sent to a forensic lab for further analysis” and Sir, I take leave now.

Two Days Later…..

Veer is seen in talking to a forensic doctor Lara. Here is their conversation: 

Lara: Veer, case seems quite different from other cases as the weapon used to kill the victim is some micro weapon.

Veer: Are you able to make out which weapon was used in it?

Lara: No, but I can say that it was made by the Killer itself.

Veer: Any thing else, you came across which we weren't able to notice?

Lara: Yeah, In Victim's pocket I found a statue made from stone.

Veer: What is so special about this statue? This might be, Rajvansh's statue and he might have kept it in the pocket.

Lara: No, it can't be as the statue resembles a monkey who has its hands on eyes this is somewhat similar to the book which was been spoilt by the victim's blood.

Veer: And what about the tyre marks and that book, were you able to make out anything from that?

Lara: It has been sent to the team and the reports are expected by this weekend.

Veer: Then, I take a leave.

Lara: Ok, and one more thing the statue had the name, Annihilator inscribed in it. And this means “Destruction”

Veer: Annihilatorrr…ok…Bye.

Next Day,

Veer orders his team to check if any company uses name Annihilator to sell their Statue or any similar items.

Tick ….Tick…Tick….clocks ticks again and again and time goes on. All silence in the Police Station. 

After 7 and 8 hours of silence, an inspector walks in says, “Sir, we are not able to find any company with similar name into this business”

Veer says ok. Meanwhile a constable who is almost nearing to age of retirement interrupts them. Inspector rudely says that, “ You are just a constable, don't you dare interrupt us”. However Veer ask the constable to complete what he was trying to say. 

Here their conversation begins:

Constable Sam: Thank you, Veer Sir for giving me an opportunity to speak.

Veer: Please don't take much time as we are running short of it.

Sam: Sir, 25 years ago I remember a guy named Viraj who was a micro artist who used to make similar item using the name of Annihilator.

Veer : Ok, then I guess we need to talk to him.

Sam: But Sirrr, He is not alive.

Veer: What?

Sam: Yes Sir, I still remember this case because He was awarded by our PM for being best micro artist as well as he was given a government job but on the first day of his job he jumped off from the cliff and his body went missing.

Veer: Do you have his residential address?

Sam: No Sir, We have to find through the old files and it will take some time.

Veer: Ok, you guys try to find it. Meanwhile, I am going to meet Lara as she just called me to inform that all the pending forensic reports have just came in.

Veer takes his car and goes to the Forensic lab to meet Lara. Lara greets him and says, “The Vehicle used might be Van or of similar types. Also we have found two blood samples in the book, one is of the victim and other might be probably of the Killer. The Killer blood is O positive which is a common blood group”

Veer: Ok Lara, Thanks. I am leaving now, Do notify me once you come through any new clue.

Veer drives back to his Station. Meanwhile, his phone rings. He stops his car and picks the phone. His facial expression seems shocked and he takes a U-turn and drives somewhere in a hurry.

After sometime, Veer reaches to a bungalow where Ambulance, Media and his team are present, he enters inside a house and notices that again murder happened and the pattern is similar to Rajvansh's murder. 

Veer asks the Inspector if he found anything suspicious here. Inspector says, “Sir, we got a book which is spoilt by blood which is the similar book that we got from Rajvansh's Murder location. But, only see the difference is that we got a statue of Monkey which closed his ears as earlier we got a monkey who closed his eyes instead and the Victim name is Mr. Joshi and all the evidence and his body is sent to forensic”.

Veer was angry with himself that he could not find the killer yet. He was sitting on a sofa of that bungalow where he was thinking the whole series of the event, again and again, to think whether he missed any clue. Meanwhile, he saw a memory card which was on the floor and it was overlooked by his team. He takes the Memory card with him and gets back to his Police station.

In Police Station, Veer warns Inspector to not miss any clue and ask him to bring a open the memory card through Laptop. In Memory card, they come across a video and they open it,

And the video plays,

They hear a sound of shoes for two minutes and after a while a video starts with Veer…… It is the killer bu they can't see him as it is fully dark around him.

Killer says, “Veer, its me, the man you are looking for but you won't be able to catch me. Let me tell you a small story, A guy name Viraj was an awesome Micro artist, mesmerized by skills government offered him a job, his dream job. My posting was in library which is now closed and the place where you found Respected Rajvansh's Sir body and he laughs. You know there are many insects in our society who kill innocent people and I am killing those insects. On the first day of my job, I got to know that people don’t want me as Senior's have already sold my job for money to someone who don’t even have the skill to handle the job. On that day, every one literally everyone tortured me. I thought I should complain this incident to some people who were honest, first name who came in to my mind was Mr.Rajvansh Sir, I narrated the whole incident to me but he couldn’t see anything bad in it. He totally closed his eyes. Then I went to Mr.Joshi Sir, he wasn’t ready to hear anything bad about his seniors. Hahaha …he closed his ears. And I too closed him. These honest people who were my seniors didn’t supported me so they are also criminals. After all the failed attempts, I was returning back to my seat. At that moment, I heard a sound from the library that my senior was talking to someone to kill me. In a hurry to ran away from there, a book fell on me which had the pictures of three monkeys in which one closed his eyes, one closed his ears and one closed his mouth. I took that book and ran away and found me in a place where I was nowhere to go and I decided to jump off a cliff. I killed Rajvansh and Joshi and now the main culprit is pending who just hurt me through his words and that is my senior. But now your time starts now, Guess my senior?? Who is he?? This is Viraj. Signing off for the day. Bye” and the video ends.

Meanwhile Sam comes and says he got to know that Viraj was an orphan and he was living in an orphanage in those days. After hearing, Veer says, “Let’s move to orphanage before he could kill someone.”

They all reach the orphanage and they see a lot of children have unique talents, some were dancing, singing, they also saw some people were good at micro art.

Veer called of the boys who were good at micro art and asked him, “Your statues and paintings are really good. How did you learnt this?”

The boy replied, “ Here every child is allowed to learn and do things in which he has an interest. We have different teachers who visit our orphanage and teach us these things”

After hearing this, he moves further to the cabin of the person who is in charge of the orphanage. In the cabin Veer sees a middle-aged man who is around 45 years age. With his simplicity and appearance, he makes out that this person is the in-charge of this orphanage. 

Veer questions him, “From when are you working here?”. He replies, “Sir, I am Urvil and I am approximately here for 17 to 18 years, I am looking after this orphanage and kids”. 

Veer asks him does he know somebody who was working here before 20 to 25 years. For that, Urvil says he knows Neena who was former in-charge and he took the position from her and she still stays here with them and here room is in upstairs”

Veer request Urvil to take them to meet her. They go to Neena's room and Veer stands out, Meanwhile Urvil explains Neena that they are cops and they need her help. After hearing this, Neena instantly agrees to help the cops and ask Urvil to leave as she will take care of them. Urvil leaves and Veer enters and shocked to see Neena 

Neena was an old lady who was roughly in her 80’s. Veer was shocked because Neena was blind. Neena says, “Son, what do you want to ask me?” and their conversation begins:

Veer: I want to know about Viraj.

Neena: May I know why are you asking?

Veer: Sorry, I can't reveal to you that.

Neena: ok dear, About Viraj, he was a modest boy. He was brought here at the age of 1 by cops after he lost his parents in a fire accident in his house. He was good at Micro art. He got a job and we were very happy on that day but then we heard a news that he ended his life from falling off a cliff.

Veer: There are hundreds of children here, how did you remember Viraj at once without a single hesitation.

Neena: I know every child here by their name but Viraj……

Veer: Viraj…..?

Neena: Viraj was a special child as he always treated me as his mom and this place as his home. He always wanted that everybody here should get what they deserve. He thought about everybody unlike other children. He always used to say that he will not leave his home even he becomes a multimillionaire someday and she is hurt and smiles but sadly I have never seen him due to my disability. I still have his things in our old cupboad. He was a child to be remembered.

Veer: Can you show me those things?

Neena: Ok, Come with me

(Neena walks downstairs and shows all the things. The things were some dresses and his arts which had the name Annihilator)

Veer: How do you know what things are kept where?

Neena: Are you suspicious about me? Err… I am joking. I was born blind so I trained myself to live better with what I have.

Veer: ok. Thank you for the information and I take leave.

He and his team leave back to the police station. Veer says to his team that, “ I feel that we are too close to that person yet so far. We haven't even found a single person who has seen Viraj. At least we have to find who was Viraj senior who assaulted him but that is also difficult as we have a list of two hundred people who were superior to him at that time. It seems all the doors are closed ”

At that moment, Phone rings and silence all around. Veer picks up the phone, and it is the killer he says I am at the forest which is in the backyard to the Police station and he has chosen that place to kill that person who was talking in the library to kill me and from now onwards he won't talk and my third and last statue is for him.

Veer and team rush to the forest but they are late but Veer sees someone running so he too follows him. Till now, Veer can't see his face, then a stone comes in Veer's way he slips and falls on the ground.

After hearing the Veer has felt down, the Killer turns his face towards Veer and Veers seem him for the first time, He is none other than Urvil.

Urvil says, “ Hey Veer, you lost this game. I am Viraj aka Urvil. You won't be able to catch me. And….Don't go to my home again, I won't be there now. Bye….And one more thing, I will continue to hunt and haunt such insects until they totally extinguish from our society”

Urivil leaves, Veer teams come and help Veer and the story ends….!!

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