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An Unfortunate Child

An Unfortunate Child

6 mins

Karna celebrated his first birthday at Swami Nityananda 's Ashram at Rishikesh. The Ashram was at the banks of Ganges. Karna's mother along with her masculine twin brother Bhagirath and a one-year-old child went to seek Swamiji's blessings. They requested, Swamiji this was to be a private audience between Swamiji and the siblings.

The Swami blessed with miraculous powers and hypnotic eyes exceeded the petition with some reservation. Brother and sister strangulated the Swami and in a chilling manner, Ganga tossed her son Karna into the tranquil river. A one-year-old Karna merged into infinity in the waves of river Ganges.

She was a beautiful damsel who belonged to an opulent family. Her parent's provided her and her twin brother with the best of education.

The prepossessing girl had a twin brother. She was called Ganga and her brother was called Bhagirath.

Pretty odd names in modern times of the 21st century. The girl was teased by her friends and so was her brother for bearing such odd names. The names certainly did not belong to the era of gen X, Y, or millennial children. But the children accepted the taunts with dignity as they belonged to a spiritual family.

The reason for the peculiarity in the names of the siblings was because they were born at the banks of Ganges at Rishikesh in a hospital run by one Swami Nityananda.

The entrepreneur's father who was blessed with enormous wealth and his wife a dancer by profession was a cancer survivor who attributed their success in life to the benediction showered by the Swami.

Ram was a humble trader and Lakshmi a budding dancer but suffering from breast cancer who on the prompting of their close relatives entered the fold of Swami Nityananda of Rishikesh.

Upon joining the fold and learning various techniques of Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, and their unflinching seva they found a dramatic change in their lives.

Every year they spent close to two months at the Ashram and soon Ram struck gold in business and Lakshmi was cured of cancer.

Doctor's found no trace of carcinogenic cells upon conducting mammography on the dancer.

Ram and Lakshmi felt beholden to their spiritual master.

They were blessed with twins at the hospital of the Ashram and were named Ganga and Bhagirath by Swamiji. The couple accepted the decision of the Master without any question.

The family hailed from Haridwar, but as their business expanded and Goddess of fortune smiled on them they shifted base to Mumbai and were living in an upmarket flat.

Ganga and Bhagirath had grown up and were not particularly religious or spiritually inclined. They liked to jive at parties and have an occasional drink. This led to frequent showdowns between parents and children.

But the writ of the parents prevailed and they were compelled to pay obessaince to Swami Nityananda and visit the Ashram every year.

It was mandated by the father that on Shivaratri, Navaratri, and Swamiji's birthday they were to visit the Ashram at Rishikesh without any failure. Thus the children accompanied their parents to the Ashram rather grudgingly.

The annual pilgrimage to the Ashram continued since their childhood. But the antipathy and animosity on part of the children assumed shape when they stepped out of their teens. They were now both 21.

Swamiji directed Ram that Ganga and Bhagirath were to receive Diksha and were to report to the Ashram on their 21st birthday.

It was a tumultuous night, the weather was cold and the river Ganges was turbulent. Both the children were escorted by Swamiji 's close devotees to the Kutir where he prayed and meditated.

In went Bhagirath and was imparted advanced Yogic techniques, a talisman, and a Guru Mantra. " You wait outside and send your sister said the Swami," to Bhagirath.

Bhagirath was in a state of daze. He had to partake a glass of honey and milk. He came out drowsy and asked his sister, Ganga to enter Swamiji's Kutir.

" You need to have this - a glass of honey and milk," remarked a devotee. Ganga felt that the concoction was laced with a drug.

She entered in a haze and was shocked to see a naked Swami Nityananda. " Do not worry child, you will have a Divine Darshan today, you will see the creation and cosmos," said Swamiji.

He directed Ganga to massage his body and private parts with oil. Ganga was in no shape to protest and followed the diktat of the Swami.

Ganga lost her virginity at the alter of " Swami Nityananda 's band of spirituality".

An unconscious Ganga was escorted by a devotee out of the Kutir.

The following morning, the devastated siblings with mutilated souls rushed back to Mumbai.

Expectant parents were eagerly waiting for the children. But they were too mortified and in a state of anguish and pain. Both brother and sister were sexually assaulted.

They sobbed in silence and shed copious tears. Bhagirath took to drugs and so did Ganga.

Mother could see the pained expression in the eyes of her children. Her daughter was soon missing her periods.

A concerned Lakshmi demanded to know from her daughter," what has happened Ganga ...., I can see a bloated stomach on your persona,". " Are you pregnant, are you having an affair, your brother seems perpetually drugged or sozzled, he is not going to the gym and neither you for your customary jog,".

" Mom, Swami Nityananda is a fraud, a cheat, and a mountebank. He has raped brother and me. We have been sexually assaulted by YOUR GODDAM GURU," she shrieked.

The frying pan from Lakshmi's hands fell, there was hysterical laughter from Bhagirath's room and Ram dropped the candle he was about to place in front of Swamiji's photograph.

He came charging to the daughter but was held back by an inebriated son and his wife.

The children wailed and narrated the events of their 21st birthday much to the dismay of shattered parents.

" We will avenge this assault, "said Ganga.

" We all will " remarked Lakshmi.

A male child was born to Ganga. And Ram named him Karna.

As they were approaching the first birthday of the boy, Ram sought an appointment for the family to have a Darshan of Swami Nityananda.

The family walked into the Kutir. Swamiji blessed them and enquired as to who was the kid. " A relative gave birth to this boy around a year back," said Ram.

Swamiji's face contorted. The parents went out. Bhagirath and Ganga remained in the Kutir.

News about Swamiji's death spread like wildfire and the campus was sealed by Uttarakhand Police. The family was taken into police custody.....

Karan wore a beatific smile as he was floating in the water and the Sun God seemed smiling...

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