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Kajal Pawar

Drama Tragedy


Kajal Pawar

Drama Tragedy

An Optimistic Life!

An Optimistic Life!

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I was born on the second last day of the eleventh month, in the year one thousand nine hundred and ninety sixth, of the 21st century

I always wanted to be a theoretical astrophysicist, but due to my unfortunate incapabilities in mathematics, I saved myself from public embarrassment which, by all means frequently occurs during private conversations. I must agree that I am overwhelmed with so many emotions that it's difficult for me to document my life...

I lost my father at the age of 12, when I had my last exam of the semester due to which I couldn't bid farewell to my father whose lips uttered my name before he died. I cannot dare to call my life a struggle because it has never been so terrifying for me as much as for my mother. I am glad I was never raised as a princess, but as a warrior who knows when to defend and when to attack ,with highest possible dignity in existence. I must admit that I have failed all those days when I failed to look into the mirror and exert happiness around me.

There is always so much more in every human being that our simple conversations cannot even imagine how a person is just by asking" How are you?" How can one possibly know how a person is by just asking a very simple question.

I believe in deep understanding of every human I meet, and manage to emphatically understand how a human feels.

I have finished my graduation in college now, and I am still wondering where did I invest my twenty years on earth. I am still worried as to how I can be employed and earn money in this city of dreams...

I have had worse days in my life but an enthusiastic optimistic human like me always fails to describe grief in words. For example, "I was lost in childhood, I failed a subject in school and college, I was bullied, I was insulted, I was broken" are all mere facts, rather than griefs which great writers always make you withstand with, so naturally...

And that is the reason why I shall focus on my disposition which is more than satisfactory now, not professionally but in humanity itself.

My eyes have felt more pain than which is seen. I allow myself to be, therefore, a human with success, rather than a successful human being.

It's almost strange that my dreams at night are all dreams within dreams within dreams, since childhood and all are beyond anyone's or even my capacity of imaginations. I am always grateful for my own reality of life, however harsh it gets, I know that it can never match the nightmares of my dreams.

YOU MUST have guessed it by now, I must be an antisocial, cold, an ignorant and introvert human being who has friends equal to the number discovered by the great Aryabhatta! YOU are very much correct!

I am filled with brutal honesty which allows me to seclude from the mediocrity of ordinary lives...I am grateful for few who care deeply about me and allow me to be ME...

I can never bring myself to a single conclusion of my own story, because it's always going to be incomplete until I take my last breath...

But always remember my fellow sweet beings, " THE ONLY PURPOSE OF OUR LIFE IS TO BE HAPPY" as quoted by his holiness the Dalai Lama.

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