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An epitome to positivity and confidence!!

An epitome to positivity and confidence!!

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Sparsh Shah - had 35-40 broken bones while emerging from his mother’s womb.

He was born with an incurable disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta.

This condition makes his bones extremely brittle; even a hard handshake can break his bones. He cannot bear weight on his hands and legs, so he cannot walk or run like other normal kids. He has had more than 125 fractures in the first 12 years.

His parents observed his talent of memorize of songs, This was the beginning of the making of this singer and musician.

Sparsh started learning Indian classical music at the age of 6 and has been a student of Pandit Jasraj Institute of Music (PJIM) since 2009.

Sparsh has been a catalyst in helping raise over half a million dollars for various philanthropic organisations.

He always thanks his parents and grandparents for his success:

“I don’t see myself as disabled. I just dis the ‘dis’ from disabled. Most people with disability always keep thinking about their disability and that makes others think about it too. I want to be the courage of such people,” says Sparsh with a smile.

This is the best example for height of confidence .

1)He has memorized 250 digits of Pi

2)He can say the 12 longest words in the English dictionary in less than 18 seconds

3)He can speak in four different accents in English. 

4)He has written several poems, short stories, motivational/funny speeches (“I am Disabled”), etc.

5)He was able to spell a 45-letter word, “Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis,” at the age of 6.

Despite all the challenges he has faced, Sparsh’s spirit is unbreakable. He aspires to sing in front of a billion people one day.

“I want to leave the marks of my footprints (aka wheelchair tracks ;)) in the sand of legacy so deep that not even a tsunami can erase them,” concludes Sparsh.

Everybody heard of the Howdy Modi event where Prime Minister Modi addressed 50,000 Indian-Americans at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas, on September 22, but did you know Sparsh sang the Indian national anthem at the event?

Yes, he is that boy who sang the Indian national anthem.

When the height of confidence reaches its peak point, maybe it looks like this……

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