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saravanan Periannan

Drama Action Thriller


saravanan Periannan

Drama Action Thriller



4 mins 279 4 mins 279

An fictious story that contains imaginary names for characters and places.

Inspector Dev moves in his police jeep and he gets an information that a thief has stolen some weapons from a weapons storage and now you are incharge for 25 police officers from that area, do your best to find him.

Dev contacts some officers from that police station informing some officers to work in control room and others to use the patrol vehicles to capture the thief.

A thief enters AZ hospital and runs into room of Doctor Naran and shows his gun towards doctor Naran saying that he should be caught and tells him if he informs about him to police he will shoot a person for each bullet in the gun.

AZ hospital is an 120 years small old hospital with only some advanced equipment that are given by some philanthropists.

Inspector Deva tries to get the details of thief from records also sends some team members to get the details of him in some areas.

Minister Dharmam plays with his grandchildren and gifts them some toys.

Then Minister Dharmam goes to his room to speak on bringing the money from swiss bank to spend on upcoming general elections.

Dharmam enquires who is going to contest against him and his PA smilingly says Chokkan sir.

Dharmam smiles Chokkan cannot win and Chokkan will lose his deposit.

Dharmam asks his PA to massage his left hand as it is paining for more than 1 hour.

PA massages Dharmam's left hand and Dharmam feels some pain in his chest and falls down holding his chest.

PA understands heart attack has occurred to Dharmam and calls some attendants in the home to take him to car and PA drives Dharmam to nearby hospital.

PA stops in front of a nearby hospital and calls for workers in hospital to admit Dharmam.

Then PA goes to the car and opens the water bottle he has taken from car and while drinking water, he looks up at the name of hospital and spits the water out and exclaims Oh My God this is AZ hospital.

PA knows the situation is critical and asks doctor Naran whether he can shift to some other hospital as facilities are low here.

Doctor Naran tries to say yes but the thief in the corner of room nods his head sideways.

Naran lies to PA saying Dharmam's condition is critical and asks to bring some medical experts and advanced medicinal equipment from some other hospital.

Doctor Ibrahim, specialist Cardiologist comes there and enquires Naran about condition of Dharman and the thief loads his gun and wears the extra surgery suit of Naran and wears surgical mask and walks around the hospital.

The extra medicinal equipment's needed for minister Dharmam's treatment reaches AZ treatment.

IG orders National Security Guards(NSG) to protect AZ hospital as minister is admitted there and Media covers the happenings in the AZ hospital.

Some NSG officers go inside and check for any threat and they are made unconscious by thief using anesthesia.

Doctor Naran sees this and suspects the thief should be an doctor.

Doctor Naran follows the thief and tries to attack him but the thief catches Naran and hits him in his ears and nose.

Then the thief goes to the room where an lady who just delivered her child stays and the thief tries to shoot her and that lady screams in pain but Naran holds him saying no please do not kill her.

The lady cries please do not shoot me and Naran uses his leg to kick the gun in thief's hands away from him and uses his full might to push him out of that room.

Doctor Ibrahim completes the treatment for Dharmam and goes to meet Naran.

Ibrahim sees two unconscious body lying next to each other in the floor in front of pregancy ward and some unconscious SCG officers in restroom,canteen.

Ibrahim informs NSG offciers about this and they suddenly see another thief breaking out with gun and aiming at doctor Ibrahim and NSG offciers shoot the thieff at his hands and legs.

Inspector dev captures the thief fwho stole the gun from weapons storage eating in an hotel at a far away distance from AZ hospital.

The NSG arrests the two thieves who had gun in hospital and they learn both the thieves are the juniors of a secret detective and they came there to kill the secret detective under whom they work and the secret detective is the lady saved by doctor Naran.

Police and NSG congratulate doctor Naran,doctor Ibrahim for stopping assault.

Minister Dharmam meets doctor Naran and calls him to the parking yard outside and Dharmam tells Naran about the advanced medicinal equipments that he likes to donate to AZ hospital as a philanthropist and not as a random politician who donates a small amount and advertises it to gain votes.

Minister Dharmam leaves the hospital and Naran sees a child sitting in the hospital's park and speaks to him.

Naran learns he is the first child of secret detective admitted there who is saved by him and takes him inside hospital saying your little sister is crying and she needs you to sing a song to sleep.

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