A Truthful Game Of Destiny - II

A Truthful Game Of Destiny - II

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Zara brought her paternal aunt( Phuphi). She asked "Yes, tell me, Fatima . What for you wanted me ?"

 "Ammi, I have to go to a Mazar." There was fear in Fatima's tone.

 "Ammi, please" Fatima winked. Her Ammi could understand."Zara, you go to the market" Rukhsar hinted.

 "Yes, Phuphi, " told Zara and left the room. 

 "Fatima, what type of madness is this? Tomorrow is your marriage, still, you want to meet him. Do you respect for us"?, scolded Rukhsar.


"Ammi, only once. I shall not complain about you. Whatever you say I shall follow. Allow me to go for the last time. Fatima started begging. Her mother looked at her angrily and left, ignoring her request. Fatima was in a dilemma as to what to do. She wore her burqa took the key of the scooter and left without the knowledge of anybody.Later, not finding Fatima, Rukhsar became upset. She could not believe that her instructions were ignored. Zara informed Begum that Fatima could not be traced. Hamid Saheb also expressed his anxiety. Rukhsar's pressure increased and sweat was seen on her forehead.


" he has gone to Mazar for Mannat - taking a vow. I had asked her to take Zara or any of her cousin brothers but she went all alone. She will return soon." Rukhsar told. She is not a child after all. She moves all over the city on her scooter fearlessly. If you wish I may talk to her on phone


 "No, I shall talk to her," said Rukhsar.

On her way, Fatima remembered all those precious moments spent in the company of Ezaz. Even in crowded streets with the blaring sound of horns, she was calm with all her memories following her like a shadow. She remembered the incidence when their scooters once got collided and Ezaz had asked " Don't you look while driving"?"

  "Are all the faults mine ?" asked Fatima while lifting herself. 

 Ezaz had given her his helping hand. Thus started their new friendship. Remembering all these Fatima reached Mazar., where Ezaz was waiting for her.


“मुसाफिर यूँ ही टकराते हैं अजनबी की तरह (Travelers collide like strangers)हम उन्हें देख मुस्कुराते हैं अपनों की तरह   (We smile looking at them they are one like us)न खबर थी की वोह मुसाफिर इतने करीब आ जाएगा ( It was not known that the traveler may come so close)

की उससे जुदा होने का ग़म हमें तनहा छोड़ जायेगा।” ( To give us the pain of parting thereafter. 

Someone's call from the crowd caught the attention of Fatima. As soon as his call fell into her ears her face got lit up. She saw Ezaz standing there. After six months he was going to see Fatima. What does this mean to Fatima? There are no words for this to explain. . Today, she wanted to seize Ezaz in her eyes.


"Please don't tell that you were certain of my coming". Fatima said.

 "You look cute with that henna," said Ezaz painfully.

"But I am in a burqa." replied Fatima.

"Your eyes are enough to assess your beauty"


"Perhaps, I should inform you that tomorrow is my marriage"

"And mine too," said Ezaz

Fatima was surprised to hear. She congratulated him in a mild tone.

"What is the name ?'

"Don't know. Neither have I talked to her nor seen her picture. This just happened to please our family members" saying this, tears came in Ezaz's eyes.


"Who is you would be husband"?

Don't know. Think that it is a case like yours.No body else can find a   place in our heart.

"Probably it was written in our fate. We had prayed for our love to fructify here". Ezaz became silent after telling this...


"Let us go inside once more and pray for both of us".Ezaz told and both went inside.

Rukhsar was worried at home. She tried to contact Fatima but could not succeed. Hamid asked the reason for her worry. Rukhsar could not help and so she told everything in detail to Hamid. Hamid was heartbroken. He never expected his daughter to tell a lie.


"Why didn't you tell me this before," Hamid asked in anger. Rukhsar got scared to see Hamid in an angry mood. She consoled him saying that she would find out Fatima.


 "Please remember you may be solely responsible if you raise the point of rich and poor. today " telling this Hamid left the room. Rukhsar had tears in her eyes. Rukhsar's concern was that Fatima should not commit any blunder.

"Fatima, why did you ignore my instructions. What should I tell your Abbu? She wanted Fatima not to take a wrong step on the boy's enticement.


Farida and Azaz placed their hopes on Khuda. Oh, Khuda! Please bless Ezaz with the strength to get happiness in his life. Amen"

"Oh Khuda, we didn't get what we wished. I wish Fatima all happiness in her future life. May her husband be more loving than me and make her happy which she richly deserves. Amen"

Both of them came out after their prayers.


" You have not told me how your husband looks like. Must be better than me."

 I do not know because only their family members came.


"How nice it would have been had they been from my family".

"There is no use thinking about something impossible. Probably it could have happened had you talked about it to your family members".

"I had done it but it was too late. In the meantime, my family fixed up my marriage. I could not have hurt the feelings of anyone especially of your grandmother".


" How little time we got. Neither to know each other nor to introduce our families." Ezaz expressed his regrets. It is good or else our separation now would have been more painful" told Fatima keeping her feelings under control.

 "We are going to spend our life with people whom we have neither seen nor knew by name," said Ezaz.  "Let us pray for our happiness in our life" Fatima pleaded.


They looked at each other to heart's content. With a heavy heart, they took leave of each other saying Khuda Hafis to start a new chapter of their life. Before sitting on his vehicle Ezaz felt like hugging Fatima and to take her with him. But controlling himself and wiping out his tears, he said," I shall love you forever, be loyal to my would-be wife and keep a special corner for you in my heart which none can replace..


The house was peaceful when Fatima reached ..Her mother took her to the room of her Abbu. Ammu gave a slap to Fatima in anger. Hamid Saheb could not tell anything. Ammi told sobbing, " Do you know how the people talk here" You have hurt our self-respect. and dignity" Rukhsar was furious today."

"One minute please .", said Hamid Saheb in between." Why did you not tell us before? he asked

" Abbu, I was scared," Fatima told in a low tone.

"You know how dear you are to us. You could have talked to us about the boy once" said Hamid Saheb.

Fatima and Rukhsar were sad hearing Abbu.

"Do you still love him"? Fatima was silent after hearing Hamid.

" Tomorrow is the marriage, Hamid Saheb. Why do you put such a question "? asked Rukhsar  

"I want to ask my daughter " replied Abbu.

"But if the marriage is canceled tomorrow, what will the people say? Rukhsar expressed in anger.

"I am not worried about the people but only for my daughter. I wish my only daughter to be happy."


"Abbu, I am glad that you have such good feelings for me. But it is too late. He too has his marriage tomorrow. We have taken a vow that we shall be happy with our respective lives." saying this Fatima embraced Hamid Saheb crying. Rukhsar became proud of her daughter after hearing her answer. Her doubts all got cleared. Gladly she embraced her daughter.

"Excuse me, Fatima. Because of me, you lost your lover. Had I talked to Abbu about this earlier we would not have been in this mess."

" Ammi, probably this was destined and so both of us have to reconcile "Saying this Fatima hugged her Abbu and Ammi.


On the day of marriage, Fatima was ready in her bridal dress. She was looking very elegant with her fair color, henna in hands, gorgeous skirt, and precious ornaments. The time of Nikah was approaching. Fatima stretched her hands and prayed for the wellbeing of Ezaz 


."Fatima your long wait has come to an end now. It is time for Nikah. Fatima was teased by her sisters and friends. She gave a cute smile. The time for Rukhsati came after Nikah. Fatima hugged everyone and did the ritual properly. Even after Nikah Fatima was in a fix. The in-laws were also enjoying the fun with her which she accepted with her mild smile." You may like my brother very much " said Jubaida.


Fatima received a phone message at night. It was from her Ammi which said " Please take care of yourself" Fatima replied it saying " "Yes, Ammi".Just then her bridegroom came inside. Fatima got a little scared. She held her hands tight and prayed. With a little shyness, she gave salaam to him. The bridegroom reciprocated the same. Fatima imagined as though Ezaz was with her by hearing his voice..

"No, my Nakah is over and now I shall proceed with my new life. But I wish to be frank with them. Fatima tried to say something, gaining strength." I wish to tell you something. I got married because of the wishes of my parents. I love someone else. However, I shall fulfill my responsibilities from the core of my heart" 


The bridegroom gets a little embarrassed hearing Fatima. He says that he was also getting married as per the wishes of his parents. He too had someone in his heart making it difficult to accommodate her. But I promise to keep you happy ."Their conversation ended. They did not want to elaborate on it further.


"OK, what is your name," both ask simultaneously facing each other.

"You"! They get surprised to see each other. "What are you doing here? asked Fatima

"This is my house," tells Ezaz. Both of them get confused. They realize that their Nikah was not with any stranger but between themselves. They could understand the whole story. Both of them hugged each other." Your bridegroom is very handsome" told Ezaz teasing Fatima. " Yes, but the bride is not so good. Could have got a better one".

"Please don't tell anything about my Bibi. I cannot tolerate it."


" Alright"

Both of them looked at each other and laughed at their good fortune. They were pleased to see that their vows were granted for which they thanked Allah profusely...They got happily married by their "destiny playing a truthful game."




A Truthful Game of Destiny


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