The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW
The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW


Inspirational Children



Inspirational Children

A Special Bond

A Special Bond

5 mins

It is said that brother and sister bonds are great in the world. It is true, I never had a brother of myself and always want a sibling for myself so that I can spend time and hang out together. As it said that nothing happens without the will of God, I remain a single girl child of my parents. But life does take twists and turns, and I met my brother, yes I got a brother, he has not taken birth from my mother but our bond has become very special over time. 

It was the last day of my college in the month of August of 2016 when all of our classmates had decided to through a party in a grand hotel to celebrate the graduation days. I join in, I never know what's going on in some of my classmates' minds. It was getting late and I eagerly want to get back to my home. I stay in the suburb of the city and it usually gets very difficult if I miss the local train, the bus and rented cab hardly goes to the suburb areas and they usually overcharged. The affluent classmates of mine, who share 90% of the costs of the party get irritated when I told them I would leave early. They become offended and I don't want to irritate them so I keep quiet and remained in the party. Dinner was served late at 11 pm, and the party was all about lavish and expensive alcohol. I know though we have studied in the same college, some of our classmates are just from affluent families, and others like me have no opinion to share with them. It was getting late and I felt nervous. The last local usually leaves at 11.59 pm and after that there no train. As I said buses and cabs are very rarely available, I became nervous. I took the orange juice had a sip and again softly ask one of my friends, who is also the organizer, if I can leave the party. 

'sure' he said.

The clock strikes at 11.10 pm, I station was nearly half an hour away, I was waiting for the elevator but it seems very difficult to wait as the hotel was about 15th floor. I rush through the stairs, our party hall was on the 7th floor and went outside the hotel. I was looking for an auto to reach the station, but I found none. I became very anxious and started running towards the station. 

Suddenly I felt that I couldn't run, My head becomes heavy and I get double vision. I saw a taxi on the side of the road, I enquire if he could help me to reach the station to catch the last local. 

He was hesitating at first but seeing my condition he agreed to drop me at the station with extra charge. I agreed too but I don't know what happened then.

The next day, I wake up in my room at 8 am. I was with my party clothes on. I wondered what happened to me. I come out of the room, ask my parents what happened?. 

'what you drink last night?' dad said anxiously.

'Orange juice' I answered confusingly.

'seems not' he said.

The orange drink which I had in the party was actually hard drinks after I get into the cab, I become unconscious. After reaching the station the cab driver tried to wake me up but I become unconscious. After a few minutes, even my parents started calling me on the phone but I was unable to answer. 

The cab driver thought for a few minutes, if he goes to the police station he will get questioned if he awake and drops me at the station many things may happen to me. He thought for a while and decided to pick my phone, the mobile was in my hand and after I became unconscious it gets fallen on the seat. 

He said that he is my friend, and drop me by my address and he took the address from my dad stating that I was in the washroom. He drops me at my home, Safely!!! He drove about 30km out of the main city towards suburban areas to help reach me home safely. 

After reaching home, when he explains to my dad that I become unconscious in his cab and he had to drop me my dad thought maybe did something wrong to me and tried to beat him. 

He said 'sir, you know what? It's already past 12 O clock, today is Raksha Bandhan, I can't do this to a girl, who is like my sister. In fact, it seems I am younger than her. I am only 20-year sir. Due to the financial crisis, I have to be in this occupation, and I drove so long without thinking what my boss will tell, he can track me through apps. I have to incur the cost. Till if you think anything of me you can take my ID'

There's always spark and confidence in people who tell truth. The light of truthness was flashing in his eyes. Dad wants to compensate but he told it was his Raksha Bandhan gift to an unknown sister.

Real people exist in today's world and with the help of parents and a few friends, we track him down in the same evening, in the same taxi stand. I went to his taxi, he did not recognize me. He has hardly seen my face. I bring the rakhi from the pocket and tie in his hands. He was surprised. 

'you can't take money for driving me home but you can tie a rakhi' I said.

'means' he asked.

'you drop me safely home today late at night.

He looked a bit surprised.

My parents and my two friends who were standing at little far came forward and smile.

His eyes filled with water. 

I will tie rakhi on every Raksha Bandhan to you, I said.

He smiled.

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