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A Sadness

A Sadness

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A Sadness- that belongs to you only!

There are days when you are on cloud nine and then there are days when you submerge in complete gloom.

But there are some rare days (or you can say completely common days) and I can't still find the correct word to acknowledge these days. These are the days, when everything is good and fine and there is peace all around you but still there is a part of you that's full of melancholy. It is possible that you may not feel negative on these days, you can be the most positive person and still be miserable. 

On these days, you feel as if something is missing, something is wrong, something is incomplete and a hundred other things.

This sadness is different, I mean it's not because your heart is broken, you failed, you are having anxiety, you are in grief, you are depressed or anything else. 

It's just a different kind of sadness that can coexist without negativity.

All of a sudden, you feel low and want to do nothing or you feel extremely high and want to do everything as a way to tackle all the things going inside you, to tackle the gloominess. But why do you want to tackle it?

It happens because this entire world, the humans, have been associating sadness with negativity and depression which cause blunders for a long-long time. To feel sad about nothing is Okay! It's not negative, at least in my understanding. I am no scholar of psychology but let me just go on! 

There is always a part of us, within our soul that speaks the truth, that helps us to meet our truthful and sometimes, the gloomy side. All this happens in such a way or you can say, you feel in such a way that you don't want to discuss it with others because you can't even understand the reasons for your own sadness. 

But what happens, when you tell someone that you feel sad, they right away ask you "Why are you sad?". That's the problem, that's the reason you wanna figure it all out. But you can't really figure it out and you will not be able to figure it out ever, it's within all of us, a part that belongs only to oneself, if you are trying to share it with others, you are going to be miserable a thousand times more.

Many of you, may have been through this phase and understands how it feels like to not be able to comprehend why you feel this way. Many of you, may be going through this phase right now only. You are okay! It's all okay! 

Whenever any of your dear ones or even not-so-dear-ones comes to you and tells you about this specific melancholy going in their life, don't tell them to think positive, to meditate, to adopt a new hobby or follow the old one etc, just don't tell them to run away from all this. 

It's there to stay, it's going to arrive again and again without any invitations, you have to be at peace with it. You don't need to feel "Not Okay!" about all this. Don't shatter your little heart again and again by thinking that something is wrong with you.

You can feel anything! We humans are capable of feeling a lot. You can be happy and feel positive or you can be sad and feel negative.

But also, you can be sad and feel positive or you can be happy and feel negative. 

There are no boundaries to feel. Feel it. Don't run away from this feeling in order to heal it. It will start healing once you are over feeling. And that's a very ironic thing to say.

I have only one suggestion, don't try to figure it all out. It's life, you learn about things with time and experience, wait for the right time, hang in there, all this will start making sense to you one day. And yes it's completely Okay!  

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