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The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW

Monika Kandala



Monika Kandala


1. The Hidden Past

1. The Hidden Past

3 mins

       "When she was about to leave, he held her hand as if her leaving may stop his breath. Standing in the middle of a snow-covered street, the cold breeze touched her face making her hair strands touch her tears. Before he could say anything....." the morning alarm rang, waking him up from his dream.

Arjun opened his tearful eyes, stopped the alarm, and closed his eyes to feel her presence. Suddenly the doorbell rang making him realize to lead a one more soulless day. When he opened the door, he was shocked to see Raghav at this hour, his company's partner and graduation friend.

When he saw Arjun's face, he took no time to presume that he was remembering his moments with Neetha.

"I know you hate seeing others early in the morning" Raghav said without giving him a chance to misinterpret.

Raghav continued "But it is urgent. There is a problem at the construction site. It needs to be resolved as soon as possible.

Hearing his words, Arjun got ready in no time and drove the way to reach the site.

By the time they reached, the construction was being stopped due to a labor strike. They demanded to let their children work along with them so that they don't need to leave their children alone in their huts. Arjun knows both how serious it is to complete the construction before the deadline and also how worrying to leave their dear ones alone. So he permitted their children to stay in the workroom opposite the construction site. Though Raghav was not okay with the decision, he couldn't oppose it and they headed towards the office.

Later Arjun went to Raghav's cabin to remind him about the meeting with the head of the new architecture team for the site at 11'o clock. By the time he opened the door, Arjun was busy with his brunch. Seeing Arjun's annoying look, Raghav had stopped eating and remembered about the meeting. The discussion was started in the conference hall and soon contract was finalized with the head to work with 5 architects with one being the team leader to complete the mall architecture part, with the work starting from tomorrow.

After his dinner, when Arjun started to arrange his old wardrobe he found an old watch gifted by her. He felt so glad about the thought of listening to her voice and pressed the button. But his happiness didn't last long as it was not working and made him remember the moment,

Under the shades of radiant moonlight, Arjun stood near the pond waiting for her anxiously.

"I thought you would be busy with your new works. I didn't expect you here at this hour" she retorted.

"I am here to explain" said Arjun with a low voice.

"But I am here with proof you left there, the watch. After finding it there I no longer hold any questions to get explained. Now I realize that you never respected others' feelings ." She replied with a firm voice.

Before he could explain anything, she left the place throwing the watch into the water.

With the flash of the past in his eyes and watch in his hands, he slept that night with dejection.

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