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Debasish Majumder

Abstract Inspirational Others


Debasish Majumder

Abstract Inspirational Others



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You can vandalize mosques, churches, and temple

But you brazen idiots, can you erase the sense of religion from the human temple?

Our ears listen to the sound

Chanting hymns to praise God I loud

Can you absorb and obliterate the centuries-long essence?

Which predominantly express its presence

How poor majority are being forced to resort to their place of worship for solace

You insignificant numbers of miscreants aiming with the intention only to make such heinous deface?


People are crying, they are plying

You insensible buffoons hardly heed to their helpless crying

How ruthlessly and cruelly you are making huge noises in galore

Unfortunately, you are nowadays designing the global social fabric with furor

Making travesty by all means

Minority thus plundering majority’s wealth with the system of their self appeasing

Hardly they could fathom

How majority is fuming at random

None could predict when this catastrophe would manifest and the volcano would erupt

Only to bring in the human social fabric the real disrupt!


Out of five senses

We, humans, receive the reflections of the external world and its grand essence

We develop a data mine inherently

Which alone guide us to determine our success and failures apparently

Our brain’s intriguing work

Endow us to perform the mammoth task

Our heart acts as a pump to facilitate all organs with the required ingredients

To thrive with sheer exuberance

What a concerted efforts we experience

Where nature plays the key role with sheer magnificence!


We largely depend on our organic experiences

Hardly we majority could envisage the role of the Universe in our configuration and presence

From Big Bang to Black Hole

Three in one always play an intriguing role

As Black Hole is three times more voluminous than Sun

How we experience past, present, and future in a given time and space with élan

Energy too having potentials on Black Hole to promote enough fuss

Only to cause upheaval in our cerebral with the huge ruckus

Our human brain alone can envisage such mysterious evolution

Rotation and revolution plays a huge role to confuse us

Which is beyond our capacity to judge our rendition!


We are utterly unaware of how we are maintaining balance in our orbit and axis and sustain

Evolution and change only trigger us to exist on nature’s floor with a unique balance

Still, these reflections enable us to understand from opaque to clarity

Enable us to reach from shallow to deep understanding by exploring inquisitively

Triggering us to reach from singular to multidimensional magnitude with exotic diversity

The human brain is really supreme and an enigma

But without the help of ferrous substances like Cobalt

Can our existence exhibit with only to stir and exult

Just to construe human figure in nature’s floor with a distinct aroma

Can we have our metabolism sustained with such a grand panorama?

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