Youth Is Coming

Youth Is Coming

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The teenage bloomed, hovered like a honey bee

On the freshly laden, nectared flowers

Wild and naive, fearless

Heart not at peace, ambition to jump and grab the sky

Take a piece of cloud and add her glory to it

Millions of dreams..Yes! of course, the bucket list on the count

She made friends, unknown and renowned

Each step was a new adventure

A new poem on every wall she carved, as she hung by

But not all walls are bright and painted, unaware

She hummed her song, she went everywhere

She met beetles, she met birds

And chirped around as she crossed all herds

Wall to wall, pillar to pillar

Blooming youth, fantasizing all the horizons one could see

Among the crowd, she found friend and foes

Some jealous eyes and some kind soul

Dream, dream and dream, the heart shouted out

Clicked happy selfies not aim realized stout

Youth, it dreams

Youth, is a hope

It flies too high and carries visual scopes

The heart listens to no one

Chirps its own tweeting song

Knocking through the windows, peeping every hole

Gutsy, witty, valor, holding high the torch

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