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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Your Love

Your Love

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Just like plant needs sunlight, an addict needs weed,

I need your love, my soul…I want to feed..!!

The look of those eyes are moments when I sigh,

You gave me goosebumps for a total of minutes five….!!

That child in you, your innocent pretty smile,

A sensitive heart, an attitude & introvert style….!!

This life filled with colors, time played its part,

You came in & stayed, it was not my art….!!

Those memories with you were hotter than sun,

That transcendental time where we felt one….!!

You were my shadow in the dark, when I was sole,

In this deserted place of a million people, you made me whole….!!

Everything was perfect just like a theatrical shoot,

But deep down the core were a few weak roots….!!

A path which was not taken, unsure what went wrong,

In the middle of this mess you were always strong….!!

This destiny has come in & played its part,

This pain is the beginning of a fresh new start….!!

For now & ever, everytime I would notice a flame,

This heart will skip a beat, just by the thought of your name…!!

You will be an eternal fire burning in this heart,

I just wish…you perfectly you played your part…!!

The pain..the suffering everything was worth,

You were my consummate for every coming birth….!!

One of the only thing that is high on my mind,

Where the answer to this question I will find….!!

In this silent night, I hear a shattering creed,

Where do I find this love…my soul…I wanted to feed???

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