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Gagan Pathre

Abstract Tragedy


Gagan Pathre

Abstract Tragedy

Your Demise

Your Demise

2 mins 195 2 mins 195

I used to be different than the others

And you always wanted me to be as your expectations

We used, to begin with, a coffee every dawn, sitting at the ledge of the window

Procrastinating with nature in the silence of those.

Where everything was managed and well placed in life

You would step into a room that I would never dive

The whole day on the other side of that door it kept us apart as a spring

Which I expected by the time would shrink.

You know that day when you prepared a few songs for my birthday

You planned to sing those at the church before we were out to cut the cake.

The day I was waiting for since to arrive

Just scattered my life with the news of your demise.

It's really fucked up when you're stuck in my head

A continuous loop of the words you've said

But nobody knows that the one they see alive from outside 

Is dead for a long time from inside.

Yet another day without your good day wish

I just woke up and it's seven in the morning

I'm preparing breakfast and my mind is quiet

With lots of numbness, you left with me.

And yeah, these walls now taste colorless

Back then it used to shine by your presence

At times there are things that we don't want to forget

And if it really does, it keeps you close to its surface.

A story that I never want to end is this

Because it's as long as I'm alive

There may be someday when the place I was before

Will be left with millions of echoes.

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