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Dhruv Burande

Abstract Drama Others


Dhruv Burande

Abstract Drama Others

You're Enough

You're Enough

4 mins

YOU always feel delinquent 

Because of the PERSON you "aren't"

For the world has ALREADY inscribed a definition


 YOU don't fit so well

It's like trying to be a piece of PARADISE in a place like HELL

It's like caring for the dead and make SURE he's well

Not being 'typical' but this is the ONLY way to explain.

No no…

It's NOT that I'm embracing my negative self

It's just that….

I KNOW that YOU KNOW how to reach the PEAK of that hidden shelf

And you're AWARE what resides there….

A light PIERCING itself out of the realm of DARKNESS

Something that makes sure to let you know what you're facing

Something that allows you to see through the wrongs


That NEVER declines to accept your real self.

You WANNA reach there…the peak…

You CAN ..

but you won't…

Maybe you aren't compatible to make it out

Maybe coz you don't know what is it all about

Maybe it's something you won't live without

Maybe…just maybe…

You'll  end up with a rout.

I know you've been a bit over-thinking stuffs…

But how many people would you find in this world  full of UNCERTAINTY

Someone SO certain like you?

Just think of it…

Everyday you Sail through sheer jagged thoughts

And cool running dreams

The merciless curse of emotions

Overflow in your exhilarating dreams

That witness the chaotic times

Of the dark and ancient old

Where the mystifying warrior's heart of yours

Was  once branded honorable and bold

Sorry for the poetic vibe but..

I just repeated what I was told.

You were savoring each minute you've spent with them

Not knowing..

That they were preparing to hand you a legacy of scars.

I KNOW this becomes annoying overtime

And makes you think sometimes…

"Am I self publicizing things at times?"

Maybe…I'm not sure

WHAT I'm sure about is

There's an exhaustive introspection

In the light behind your eyes

Yet you stay silent in the wake

Of another sleepless night. 

I'm here from the START

Though the noisy mind of MINE haven't yet stopped

But that's the interesting part…

Can you think of something so vast?

That lives ahead of past

Something so WELL that crafted

That manages the time Draft 

And lets you live in the Presence 

But leaves you with such an absence

Of yourself

That you can't even control your ACTIONS

And eventually you find yourself in a passage 


Just something so blind that can see 

Between the spaces of light

Which awakens in the night

And won't even allow you to ERASE the SIGHT

That you MIGHT

End up adore it so much

That being so DARK

It yet feels so bright

You're  Tired now…

Of all the false promises you make

HOPES of people that you TAKE

And piece by piece

So subtly that you break

Where the SATAN would be confused too

That what flake of yours should he take

And keep it in his pocket

So well hidden..

That you WON'T be able to retake

At any stake

But it's NOT just your mistake.

At times, you feel sometimes

That this was supposed to BE 

OF the people BY the people and

FOR the people

But there seems NO people

Interested in any of the people

That are CONTINUOUSLY dissected by the people

Which Reside around our people.

The more the people

Ignore the people

That buy the people

And with NO remorse divide the people

But Still,

I like people

Cause even when the situation's DIRE

It's only ever PEOPLE who are able to inspire

And on paper, it's hard to see how we all COPE

But in the bottom of the PANDORA'S BOX, there's still HOPE.

You know we STRIVE to feel

And fill

The EMPTINESS of the voids in our chest

When we think that we ain't that blessed

But I don't understand WHY we behave so ROUGH

With ourselves

And never tell the mirror stuck in the shelf


We never say 

That perfection resides in that reflection

And no matter what happens…

I'm NOT gonna cross my own way.

And then with time

With chime

You end up saying

"I KNOW I exaggerate sometimes

I'm a storyteller

Or just a liar

There are truths that I hide

So well and so wise

That I end up telling lies

Slowly and eventually I disguise

And enter the eternal loop of disdain to be precise

And live in HOAX so large in size

That I fail to remember later

That at the end of the day all it is

Is just a lie."


It's NOT

It's just that the things aren't yet sought

And YES my bud you fought

Till the last breath of yours.

It's time to bring out a new definition

That failure is the EVIDENCE

That shows your EXISTENCE

In this life full of droughts.

Just say to yourself, every day, just once


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