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NlyEsro Ong

Drama Tragedy Inspirational


NlyEsro Ong

Drama Tragedy Inspirational

You Gave Up On Us

You Gave Up On Us

2 mins

Hello, my love,

It's been a while when you're sweet with your words,

That now have all turn into hate,

Cause after all the hardships,

Have turned into nothingness,

And lead us to give and take,

You're sweet, now you're bitter,

Our love wasn't enough for us to be lovers.

As I lay on my bed,

With my pillow crying so hard,

This what I've didn't think off,

That one day becomes strangers that made my heart sad,

How will the promises turn true?

When a sudden snap you broke it,

And yes, this is the truth, is this the fact that truth really hurts?

I can still remember how it started,

But also how it ended,

The story has begun but now it's just none,

Our love for each other fade,

As it dashes through the wind and be gone.

Now, how will our wishes be granted?

How will you be my forever, when you turned as me unloved?

How will these tears turn into a smile?

How will I be happy when everything has crushed apart?

If it was able to turn back the time,

How will you change the past for a new future?

That all ended to be this way,

How will that day happen again if you didn't stay?

Now you broke everything up,

Cause after all you gave upon us,

Just for yourself, love.

You forget how I fix you when you've fallen apart,

You forget how I wipe your tears when you cry,

You forget how every day I made you smile,

Everything change,

Even your heart, it took a change but you lose the chance,

You must be able not to gain.

After you take a back, everything has fallen,

My memory keeps being as it is repeated,

But it is which we can't turn back again.

Cause remember it, babe,

You gave up in us, then suffer.

As if you found the treasure,

But you throw it away after finding a gold coin,

When I gave you all my love but this all comes after,

Then you made me, unknown.

You gave up on us, my love.

This will be my last letter,

This will be my last hate,

This will be my laughter,

This will be my goodbye.

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