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You And I

You And I

2 mins

The love we have is as deep as the ocean

The more we explore it, the more we discover it

The laughs we share together on the phone

The talking about the football games

The understanding of each other we have

The encouragement we give to one another

The ability to agree to disagree

The calling just to hear each other's voices

The I'm thinking about you texts during the day

The good morning/goodnight texts everyday

The checking on each other when we need it

The respect, honesty, and trust between us

The teaching each other how to love

The learning something new together

The same faith in God that we have

The same God that holds us together in Him

The big hearts that we give to each other

The holding of our hearts in each other's hands

The foundation of friendship we built together

The loving each other the way we need to be

The same book were in, not just the same page

The gentleman and the lady we are together

The falling in love with each other everyday

The memories we create when we're together

The long hugs and passionate kisses

The laying together in each other's arms

The intensity and passion in our love making

The holding each other's hands on our dates

The affection we display to each other

The taking care of each other

The protecting one another

The acting as if we're already husband and wife

The yes dears to each other in humility

The knowing that we got each other

The fact that we're here for each other

The I want to spend the rest of my life with you

The I can't live a day without you

The many years we will grow old together

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