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Lokanath Rath

Tragedy Classics Thriller


Lokanath Rath

Tragedy Classics Thriller

Worst Nightmare....

Worst Nightmare....

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I was very busy in doing my work,

So busy that never thought to take a break.

I was very tired, but had no other options,

But to continue with that, without any reactions.

I knew that I had a family,

They were all watching me silently.

I was lucky to have my wife to support me,

She loved me always and wanted the smile on my face to see.

She took care of me and our children,

And she knew all that we need, what and when?

She used to work from morning to night,

She thought of the family and was doing everything right.

Children grew up and she wanted my attention,

But I was so busy that giving her always different option.

She never complained, but was over burdened,

Which made her sick and bedridden.

When I saw her in that painful condition,

I felt helpless and was confused to handle the situation.

She was still watching me and hiding her pain,

I took her to the hospital and stayed with her then.

I forgot my work and all my tasks,

Then I got the calls from my boss and he asked.

He and all others were feeling sorry for me & wanted to help,

I knew the importance of my wife to children and myself.

Treatment by doctors were going on and I was hopeful,

I never left her for a moment and was very watchful.

Then came that the worst moment of my life,

That was for me like the darkest night.

She was sleeping and having no sense,

I was sitting near her and watching like an useless.

I saw her in a deep and sound sleep with big snoring,

Then I asked the doctor to check her and say, all are fine.

It was in that night, outside was dark and heavily raining,

I made calls to friends and relatives, as it was horrifying.

I was feeling restless with fear and silly thoughts,

I was again and again calling doctors with if & buts.

And the moment came, when I saw she stopped breathing,

I had gone mad and started crying.

She left me with children and gone forever,

It was for me the Worst Nightmare.


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