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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Swetaleena Mahana

Drama Romance


Swetaleena Mahana

Drama Romance

With Her Imaginary Prince

With Her Imaginary Prince

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Gazing blankly at the sky overhead

And dissecting a small stick into parts

Smiling alone being absent minded

The princess stares at the flowers nearby.

Sometimes adoring the nature

And again smiling to herself

She amazes with the beauty

Of the rainbow and crimson sky.

Birds dancing in unison

To the balmy breeze

And the trees swinging their branches

In rhyme with the tune of nature.

From a great height,

Milky water descends

Kisses the stone beneath

Spluttering into droplets

She throws a stone at the pool

Giving birth to a ripple.

The romantic nature

Compelling the princess

To question her situation

Leaves her teary eyed

With the desperation

To live her dream and imagination.

Shades of darkness covering the sky

With the cloudy wolves

Playing hide and seek

To create an obstacle

Between the age old lovers;

The white lily and the silvery moon.

Suddenly she feels a touch

And a hand caressing her flowing hair

Her face leans sideward

And their eyes meet

As if river meeting the ocean

After ages.

Their lips with glittering smiles

And eyes filled with tears

The pearl of happiness

Touching their glazing cheeks.

Their talkative eyes conversing a lot

The words of love

Their tale of romance

Complaining of the distance.

Amidst all these emotions

Her tears flowing through her cheeks

Falls to her tender palm

And this touch leaves her stunned.

The dark sky with flowing clouds

And black void surrounding her

Drops her to the bitter reality

Rendering her alone again

Again with her day dreams

And with her imaginary prince....

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