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Lekha Menon

Romance Tragedy


Lekha Menon

Romance Tragedy

Whose Loss?

Whose Loss?

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Today I saw you

And my heart did not skip a beat

Should I be relieved?

You are gone at last

Only this time, never to return

I hand it to you

It takes an incredible indifference

To lose something so easily

Having tried so hard

To let it all slip away

Once the chase ends

Do you lose the drive?

Taken for granted

Like a second choice

Ever the least important

Was it worth?

Losing something so precious

Over such triviality

Did you think you could crawl again

Back to the shady corners

I just cannot believe

The height from where you fell

A place undeserved

Maybe you never realized then

And now you never shall

The mask doesn't stay forever

It slips and divulges the lies

Words that were once bridges

Now blasted into rubble

Never rebuilt, never again whole

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