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Ananth Mani



Ananth Mani


Waking Up To Childhood

Waking Up To Childhood

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Waking up today with a childish zest, the kid in me barging out

Waking an urge to rattle the stillness, turn wild yet not violent

Waking that infant emotional impulse oblivious to plans or motives

Waking the six decadal acquisition of ego nurtured into virtue

Waking the notion of ageing not of pain more as a bliss 

Waking the pessimist to cheer, not fade away anonymously

Waking to discover contentment as more profitable to prosperity

Waking the childhood sport to jump into the puddle

Mindful the clock is ticking fast, leave no half-done task

Seek not another birth to run the last leg of the track

Time to step out of the glasshouse so exposed and stark

Possessions, awards, citation cloud deeds that mock

Contentment always remains trifle short nothing to shock

Time to reflect on happiness and worthlessness of elusive luck

A million problems should not amplify the burden on the back

Hold the mirror take a stand unafraid, set a worthy benchmark

 Give wings to grandiose aspirations of adolescence 

Whimsical as it may appear still worth pursuance 

Build Kilimanjaro levels of fitness and resilience

Portugal, Israel, Morocco, Brazil, France and Greece

Turn nomadic traveller to get over ignorance

Head to isolation in deserts and talk to silence

Soak in the amazon to spot nature’s governance

Run a quarter marathon and earn a timing of reverence

Antagonize the impulse to evade a tussle for a good cause

Discretize the lies mediated between heart and mind  

Analyze the inherent crocodile tear from the real

Seize every day for one deed to make someone smile

Realize music to pick happiness in the melancholy 

Recognize the fragility of the ego and the fear

Fantasize being a Santa feel the joy of handing out gifts

Socialize with the charming to feel more needed than ever

Algorithm of life best left encrypted and unravelled 

Script a new storyline simple as a child's tale

Offer standing ovation to contentments realized

Listen to the heart deeply to help it beat the sleep  

Realise good done to oneself is a sum zero math

Turn poor every day as the clock ticks away

Reinforce the virtue of generosity onto kin

Never cringe on a smile let cheer be lavish

Waking up to a time as worms are consuming lives

Waking up to a situation as trust gets discounted

Waking up today with a childish zest is refreshing

Waking up to the thought life is about people, not wealth

Waking up today signals a game-changing moment

Waking up every day shall not be the same

Waking up every day obsessed as a child toddler

Waking up to the old sport of muck and the puddle 

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