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Voiceless Thoughts

Voiceless Thoughts

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My thoughts do not speak

Nor do they have a voice of their own

The words are on my lips

But fall away like water beneath ships

Under a rug my emotions have been swept,

On many moonless nights i have wept

I succumb to shameful acts of self fulfillment

Trapped In a dark world of unfulfilled expectations

Tell me ,What's the difference between morality and reality

Can one truly comprehend the teachings of society

Is it possible to abide by the laws and still be able to see

For in a faithless world, one longs to believe.

All my emotions are colliding as i write this..

My ideas have fallen through, my glass still half empty.

I look you in the eye ,believe me,I can hear you all sigh.

I know that you don't get me, i know that you don't see.

Maybe, I shouldn't speak,maybe you think I'm a freak.

There's so much I could voice, many things you should know

But each time the words begin to leave ,

My heart whispers that I should go

There's so much I could share ,but is this really the place?

If only my thoughts could speak for itself;

They would echo across this hall

So lets just stop pretending, every moment is never ending...

My feelings are hidden, cast away from light,

Without a voice to feed them , they recoil beyond my sight.

What happens under darkness shall come to light

Isn't it a little ironic,

Cause I'm standing here speaking about the unspoken..

I'm leaving with my feelings unsaid..

As silence will echo my voiceless thoughts.

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