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Khayingwon Chiphang



Khayingwon Chiphang


Untreasured Love

Untreasured Love

2 mins 209 2 mins 209

When queer heart finds no place to rest, 

And those eyes which has turned cold. 

Betrayed or denied I wonder if this all is test, 

I am only bound to follow what you taught me. 

Only falling into this savage game i now call, 

Abandoned by the only one I use to live up for. 

This tale will never be foretold, will never be written in tapestry. 

Let me now just hint to the rest of the listeners, 

There never will be another me or him, or our love. 

There was this time when I called him the one, 

And now I refer to as malevolent gist. 

Your fake promises and your sharp words both tranquilized me. 

One for empty hopes and the other a dreadful pain.

It's not the thought of you leaving that keeps me awake through the twilight, 

Rather a selfish thought that you will be happy and I am not the reason. 

This anguish coldness is not how I use to imagine us. 

Like the harsh winter, the frost bite has bitten my heart to unlove. 

Intoxicated with your charm, blinded by your lies- I feel no pain, see no tears.

Gave up my pride to buy your frugal and unfair self. 

That sting you left behind is excruciating, 

But have u ever heard that a bee never survives without the sting? 

I was naive, yet a true lover. 

You were a vice, hopping from one innocent soul to another- only to steal. 

Though I have not intended on travelling through life's cruelty in solitude, 

I will stand adamant, because I still believe love is not the cause;

Love will be a reason to take me through. 

And I believe in the silver lining not just a calm before storm.

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