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Samiksha Pereira

Romance Others


Samiksha Pereira

Romance Others

Unquestionably Tangled Mess

Unquestionably Tangled Mess

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Tell me about it,

How should a person react to situations,

When you think you found THE ONE...

Perfect with all the perfections,

Well, a formal perfectionist.... 

And you are asked for intimacy abruptly, what? 

The kind where romance is forgotten,

A type where feelings are not shared.

Only bodies are used,

And hearts are crushed,

Where feelings and emotions is not a thing but carnal knowledge surely is...

When after much meetings, 

You are asked for a settlement with closed ones.

But with prolonged thought, 

You are somehow made to ignore THE ONE, why?

There lies the irony...

Where, hearts don’t matter but religion definitely do.

‘Your real love’, that you gave up for society and constant blackmailing from the loved ones.

And you are torn between him and the fear of ‘Society’,

A mess it may seem,

How would you handle it?

When after much hustle and bustle, 

You finally give up, because no one's ready to give in...

You find yourself helpless,

Torn between the love you had in past, and the love that you have now.

Whom would you choose?

The one that was perfect, or the one that longs for fulfilment of carnal desires after meet-ups?

When after all the mess our lives are shared with those people,

How obvious it might have been for him,

To make everything a disaster,

Would you ever like being shared with people?

Would you like being threatened with sharing of the intimate moments?

How exactly would you take it?

After all the emotional breakdown you still think of better future with that same person?

How mindless or mindful of you?

And your happiness that your sacrificing, 

For the world is unaware of ur inner struggles.

Did they think before forcing you to stop a relationship,

Where the flowers bloomed more often then they do in real,

Where everyday was a feast worth celebrating, 

Where every moment your face beamed with joy,

Where respect, value, self worth, love, mattered the most.

Why would the society play such important role in your decisions?

Where is your self worth, my dear?

What about your past, the one that yearns for you and calls for you?

What has the future got to offer you?

A life that is not worth living?

A place where there’s no time for you or your life?

Where are you lost, darling?

Why so confused?

When you have your dreams clear and you motions in position?

Why give in, when your heart and mind wants to give up?

Why be threatened, with what others have to think?

Why not be careful, of the steps you’re taking towards your destruction? 

Why be consumed, with hope when you find none?

Why be taken for granted, when you want to be loved?

Why this questions, when you have answers to them all?

Why such torture, when you’re sure of your good future?

Why not embrace your past and feel all the love?

Why stand at a place where you’re not meant to be?

Two families joined but, the hearts distanced,

What did he do, other than

Endless days of judging you?

And meeting you, just to be in TOUCH....

And how about making you voiceless?

Was it worth celebrating?

Or were the tears worth shedding for thoughtless decisions?

Why rush towards the storm when you know it’s going to crush you?

It’s time you decide, 

It’s either YOU or SOCIETY?

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