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Samiksha Pereira

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Samiksha Pereira

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Into the raging fire

We might be carried,

From one to the other 

Like a despicable soul. 

But we know that Gods will look upon us,

Dawning the realization that we are unconquerable.

With circumstances

We might be engulfed with,

With exhaustion and patience 

Back lashing at us,

Those eyes we see staring at us,

Through the darkness,

Their gazes won’t stop our footsteps,

For we know there’s that light 

That will set us free.

There are those questions,

That they asked us

And they threw all our emotions into turmoil,

For we were judged, 

Misunderstood for our choices, 

But with the hope, we had within 

We knew we had to arise 

And proceed,

For we are indestructible.

Unafraid of the obstacles we face,

Of what the world will think of us.

But for the rest of our lives 

We won’t bear the ravages of mankind, 

We won’t wince, nor will we fail,

For we are dauntless.

Beyond this pit of failings and tears 

I thank life,

For what it has to offer me,

It’s a blessing that we have survived.

Despite the utter disasters

We have in our lives,

We keep going 

Unconquerable and invincible we have become,

Because it’s a journey which keeps unraveling itself,

For it keeps revealing a reflection of us,

Perceiving ourselves into Invictus.

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