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Venkatesh R

Abstract Drama Romance


Venkatesh R

Abstract Drama Romance

Unexpected Love

Unexpected Love

3 mins

Not sure what a woman is!

I  am unaware of women.

I see them from a distance, 

and I recede into my 

the comfort zone of glance.

Not sure what love is.

But when I fell in love, 

that was the moment, 

the best moment of life,

I felt worthy of living and receiving love.

Not sure what love at first sight 


Until I saw her. 

But when I saw her, my soul 

scampered even my introverted.

Even the pretty ordinary, 

actions of her, the smile, the pimples, 

the dimples, curly hair, and those

mystifying eyes, all deserved a 

place at an art gallery of my heart.

Had I been a musician, my happiness

would have scored the entire world in

 that moment.

Her broken Tamil made me dumb, 

as she continued with her mesmerizing 

phrases,  I tried to strike a conversation 

through glances.

As she shared the table, in the crowded

coffee shop. I could only see her, and

hear her voice, to the whole extent. 

she was busy with her phone, 

I was engaged glancing at her, hoping to 

be in tatters of her memories.

The rain caged her and blocked the

bouncers of the cupid, that stood against 

me, and allowed me to put small talk 

with her.

She was more into science and 

I was more Into literature. 

The chitchats turned into a debate.

As she stood for science, 

on the oxytocin, of course, the reason 

for love, probably 

a great mathematician 

could derive a formula.

Those moments have become a 

memory for me, not sure 

where she is or how she is!

I am not standing toward science 

or literature.

But is it worth seeing love as a hormone? 

A chemical, a basic need of humans?

Or is poetry being recited 

or written to impress and narrate 

the audience as life experience? 

Falling in love is unexpected, 

it's a moment, a happy moment 

in an uncertain life.

Why can't it just be enjoyed 

at the moment? 

Instead of researching through science 

and horoscope, with a language of 

art or with hopes of destiny?.

Some loves end up in relationships, 

whereas others with memory 

and foresight for reasons.

But love is love, be it a long life, 

or be it just for a moment.

Why can't opinions just be debated, 

and left out?

Let your ego go, 

The accessories, the beauty, all

deprecates as we age, and nothing can

strengthen you like love, as love ages

with beauty by accepting each other's


It just takes a legal paper, 

to get separated.

In a life driven by technology, 

the advice gives time and space to your 

loved ones and yourself.

Memory is both a curse and 

a blessing the choice is yours.

When there is love there Is mutual

respect understanding and a purpose 

for existence, forgive even 

if you couldn't forget.

Love is not limited to a 

gender or humans, 

it's everywhere right from the sunlight, 

to the darkness where the life thrives, 

just devour the moment it will follow you. 

Households shouldn't be united by

children, and remember to love while

 running the rat race.

Live in reality, not with artificial reality, 

as a realm is not possible 

without true love.

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