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Princess Lubna Ahmed



Princess Lubna Ahmed


True Love

True Love

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A pretty sight, steady gaze, his eyes speak volumes

A big red vermilion bindi matching the tone of my red chiffon saree

Wrapped delicately revealing the sensuous curves

My hair in a messy bun adorned with the fragrant jasmine buds

More than a dozen red glass bangles in both my hennaed hands

Making delightful sounds, the glass bangles clinking he so loves

A few strands of hair playing on my forehead

His fingers touch my hair softly caressing

My silver anklets catch his attention

Merrily jiving as if rejoicing our love

The subtle perfume in the air makes one heady

Romantic atmosphere

Intoxicating the senses

Scintillating melodies only a heart hears

Swiftly he takes me up in his arms swaying me gently

Kiss me passionately on my quivering lips

Tears of gratitude well up in my eyes

My being grateful, for the joys of true love!

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