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Travelling Beyond

Travelling Beyond

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My dreams are travelling

Beyond time and my life.

Unfortunately, I am here to decode

Theory of destruction and extinction.

My discoveries and theories

Are travelling beyond time.

I am afraid of sharing my cognition.

It's getting difficult day by day

When I know we are heading towards

Mass destruction.

My dreams are awakening me during odd hours

And whispering the causes of destruction.

They want me to theorize destruction

So as to warn every individual.

I might not survive longer

Because I am just here to write my mind.

People might erase my words

But it would come back as reality

As I am travelling beyond time.

Peeps! Get back to socialism

Otherwise, we would extinct shortly.

Capitalism will collapse

To ignite the nothingness

In a major historic event.

What I visualize is bloodshed everywhere;

We are being cannibalists.

How does this look like:

This ill-fated poetess puts her words in rigour

Because we are travelling towards

Extinction of humankind.

Be aware!

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