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Najam Us Saher

Drama Abstract


Najam Us Saher

Drama Abstract

Trapped In Torment

Trapped In Torment

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These four walls witness my pain,

In which I shut myself in,

Tears flow and I am submerged deep in my thoughts,

Even my numb heart can feel the pain within.

My heart is heavy, even my breathing echoes,

I feel the chills as my tears flow.

I shiver, I writhe in pain.

Reason for which I cry doesn’t hurt me,

But knowing that I have no one by my side hurts me the most.

I just want that person to be on my side with whom I am so close.

In this longing pain each day deeply I dive,

Writing how I feel and expressing myself has kept me alive.

I am dead inside seeking for happiness,

I have no hope,

My heart sinks into sadness.

Forgetting those memories which I ought to remember,

They are flashing in front of my eyes,

Not allowing me to sink in slumber.

I am wide awake,

Longing to feel the warmth from one's care and concern,

Oh! I am so restless and miserable,

For a bit of happiness, I yearn.

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