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Naila Hina



Naila Hina




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The beads of translucent tears

in her long eyelashes, she wears

Sometimes when she looks up

Her brown eyes shine like suns

Some drops flow down her 

Glowing cheeks turning in red

Crimson lips wet with pearls

Awake desire to take her to bed

He wears white, his sheets bright,

Tallest, strongest and Fullbright

Puts his lips upon her tears

Eyes, cheeks, what she unwears

Slightly down touches her neck

Drinks the nector, like a necklace

Golden wine tasting her skin

She moans in pleasure on his touch

Tears of sorrow, with magical love

 Slowly turns in tears of pleasure

Hiding head in his wide shoulder

She hugs him tight in soft arms

Crying in love while kissing him

Wild with passion flying in heaven

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