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Ranya Prasad

Drama Romance


Ranya Prasad

Drama Romance



2 mins

Even after everything that happened,

Between you and I;

You're all I need tonight.

Your soothing words

Are my only escape,

From the harsh reality of my life.

I know it is wrong and terrible,

To give someone such power over myself,

That any scar they give

Does nothing to drive us apart.

But in this moment

All I could wish,

Is for you to be right by my side,

Holding me tight,

And then you whisper slowly,

That everything will be fine.

That this moment will fade away.

This moment of my weakness,

When I'm feeling low and lifeless,

Won't last and go away

If I hold hope

And focus on the good.

While ignoring what is breaking me within.

I wish there was a cure,

To heal from these scars,

Given by my inner demons.

To heal those wounds,

Given by the people I trusted with my life.

To heal my soul,

That feels lonely,

And needs your comforting presence.

That needs your love and your care,

That craves you with all it has.

I know I'm being pathetic

And hopeless at the same time.

But all I want is you by my side.

For you give me hope

You make me smile.

You make me laugh.

And forget about the pain,

Which is tearing me from inside.

I feel vulnerable,

My heart aches.

My body won't stop shaking.

I need your comfort,

Your company, your warmth.

At this moment, I need you the most.

I want to send you a text

Asking for a chance.

But I'm scared;

Of the inevitable rejection that is to come.

I'm scared that you'll hurt me again,

Like you did once before, unknowingly.

It's hideous,

How I am so attached to you,

And you aren't to me.

I hate how I'm so madly in love with you,

Despite knowing you don't love me.

Silent tears,

Cascade down my cheeks,

As my lips tremble

And a painful sob,

Cuts through the silent night.

I knew I had found it;

The cure I had been looking for.

And I had found it in you.

But in the end,

You were the one,

Who left the biggest scar,

And damaged my soul.

Taking away my chances of living again.

Now without you, I'm scared,

To face all my demons again, all alone.

Without you;

I have nowhere to go

No where to confide

No where to hide

No where to rest my broken soul.

Without you;

There is no light.

And I'm completely shrouded by darkness.

I can scream out my lungs for help,

But I know there is no one,

Beyond the darkness that consumes me.

I can try to run,

But there is no destination for me.

So I gave up the fight of survival.

All the walls that I'd built,

To protect myself from them,

Now stand tall,

To save me from you.

Whenever I looked back,

To all those memories of you;

That were supposed to make me smile,

It shattered me,

Like some fragile glass.


You're all I need tonight.

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