Albinus Joy



Albinus Joy


To My Beloved..

To My Beloved..

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Our paths were crossed, her songs were heard;

Thoughts are shared and the laughs were raised!

Around the cosmos, revolved her eyes, placed in her stationary head,

welcomed my advent, with the glee in them!

Her laugh seemed like an intermittent rain;

To unleash her peppy nature!

O, the zenith of madness and bon-vivant girl;

Surprising me with a sapient self!

Impeccably different, as the sun among the stars,

O, luminary one, indeed in the flock!

Lilting the song, that echoes in my soul;

You make me float, amidst the clouds in the sky!

As the day decays, gifting me a phantom of delight;

My mind whispers, "we have springs yet to come!!!

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