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Sakshi Vaishampayan



Sakshi Vaishampayan


To Be Hanged Till Death

To Be Hanged Till Death

2 mins

On a dark night, over phone, as they spoke;

Flames of passion rose up;

Kisses and sweet-nothings blew;

An invisible embrace held them tight,

Oh! What a smooth wine-like, desire-drunk feeling;

Where hearts kept melting; Silence spoke.

She got more involved; he was his usual carefree.

But they had clearly defined boundaries of this “no commitment” game.

Pleasures built fantasies, emotions brought lust.

Feeling each other so close, so drawn. None was to blame.

She then whispered in a consumed voice: I love you. Hold me”.

He pecked a kiss. Said come over to my place,

For a night of music, mania, drinks and being free.

She glanced at her wedding ring;

Heaved a sigh, and said: “ But I also love him.

I am longing for you, but can’t let him go too.

I don’t know what’s going in me. Hope my feelings are reaching thee”!

He said, “Sweetheart, now you sleep. We will talk later.

It's too much at the moment. Let it stay there”.

She was still soaked in passion. He was still figuring some crack.

There were secrets dark in their hearts. The dungeon had no exit. 

They were locked in ‘black’.

The next day and the days further,

She rang, he hung; she waited, he texted.

He’d travel. He had work. He’d but enquire if she had rested!

She felt his void. She felt him avoid.

She wondered what happened? She was playing by the rules!

He said “no commitments”. She said, “only for nuptial schools”.

And lo! He comes with a classic now. 

“Well, there was nothing between us. It was all from you.

I was just being polite, as to not hurt you”.

She said: Then why those three words to me?”

”In the ‘moment’ it just came”, said he.

She was shocked and surprised, for it was his INVITE.

But his Shadow held him strong. So how’d he go wrong!

As for her, she took a deep breath,

And ordained the mirage, that had crept in her heart,

To be hanged till death!

To be hanged till death!

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