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Sukant Kumar



Sukant Kumar


Till Then Breathe

Till Then Breathe

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I feel hungry…  hungry for knowledge,

Hungry for success,

Hungry for revolution,

Hungry for adventure,

Nothing seems to satiate this hunger,

No book seems to add to knowledge,

No step takes me closer to success,

No one joins me to kindle a revolution,

No journey leads to an adventure,

I feel trapped....

Trapped in humdrum of daily routine,

Trapped in doses of nicotine,

Trapped in pages of unfinished book,

Trapped in dreams of an adventurous trip,

Nothing seems to calm me down…

No breaks from cyclic routine,

No escape from another dose of nicotine,

No charm left to finish the book,

No creativity found for another dream,

One day more passed in life,

Nothing new to cherish,

Nothing happy to rejoice,

No good news fly by me,

All feel dark and gloomy,

What can I do to keep alive?

Best guess is to draw another breathe,

Breathe, Breathe, Breathe,

For airs will change,

Open the doors & windows,

Let some fragrance dissolve in it,

Wait! Wait! Wait!

For another day,

Its the law of change,

Change of season,

Will bring back hope,

Till then breathe,

Or else sleep,

But remember spring awaits,

Wake up when flowers are red,

They shall blossom, till then wait,

That is how life tests,

Patience here is the key,

Which will open another way,

So be patient,

Till then breathe... 

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