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Anasree Chatterjee

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The Wish

The Wish

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Might sound cliche but what to do..

Facts no one can undo..

Happy or sad

Good or bad

Success or failure

Life or death

Eight plus years and you've been there..

What an unknown relation we started..

Scuffled, jolted, restated, and settled..

Down the drain or up the hill..

Your smile is a constant re-fill..

Like lightning fast deals we share our life's feeds.. 

Emotions as many as emoticons

Do I ever express or you just feel

Do you often read my mind or just our vibes meet..

My lifeline..

Whatever it is, you are one heck of a person I'ev known to live.. 

On this b'day of yours, all I wish is ..

My lady love you just rock and roll..

Glow like gold, determined and bold..

Fly and soar as high as you wish..

And let no one hold you back..

Let the artist in you glorify and manifest all your dreams..

Your life is your notebook so write what's in your mood.. 

Be happy forever and life is all good.. 

Happy Birthday Bestie

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