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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Anushila Jana

Abstract Drama


Anushila Jana

Abstract Drama

The Window

The Window

2 mins 496 2 mins 496

I'm stuck in this room,

Where I can't open a window,

My heart beats so fast,

And my head works so slow.

I feel surrounded by the demons in this room,

Pulling against me, breaking me,

Pulling me to doom.

Breathing becomes a difficulty now,

Don't remember a single thing,

All this madness,

No happy songs to sing.

These demons - they engulf me,

Swallowing my pain,

Where is all my happiness,

Living seems to go in vain.

Everything seems so worthless,

So not useful now,

Giving up to these creatures seems the only way somehow.

Don't know if this will help,

But this might set me free,

Don't know what the future holds,

That I cannot see.

Just when I'm about to give up to these demons few,

I see something far away - something new.

A window- an open window to the open sky,

Ahead of which the whole world lies.

The birds all roam out in the open,

The winds all blow and raindrops fall from heaven.

The window calls to me,

It is distant but all I have to do is,

Walk forward to set myself free.

This room so dark,

Might brighten then,

These demons might just vanish then.

My heart now beats with a new hope to live,

To open the window and second chance to my aching mind I'll give.

It's the window-just the window,

I have to reach.

But can someone open it up for me?

There is no one nearby I see,

It's me - all me,

And my struggle to set me free.

With these little steps, I will walk to the window,

And into the open sky,

Thinking of all new things I will see and dream,

Never wanting to give up till the day I die.

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