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Shikha Mishra



Shikha Mishra


The Sword of Courage

The Sword of Courage

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Courage is not just the absence of Fear.

But it's the thought of things that are more important than that. 

Once you walk on this path,

You'll not find fear near you.

The Power of Courage shall help you to pave the way during the difficult time of your life.

Courage would be the light that would lighten your path

Courage resides in yourself, don't look out for it anywhere else

You just need to believe that little voice of yours 

That would be your friend for life.

Power of Courage is magical and mesmerizing.

It would transform your life and shall introduce you to a better version of yourself.

Let life throw any hurdles in your life,

Courage shall help you to sail through the storm in life smoothly.

When you have courage, nothing shall seem impossible

It equips you well enough to meet your fears in life.

Overcoming your fears is the biggest victory one could ask for, 

Imagine how wonderful life would become when nothing stops you from achieving your goal.

Courage can take you to places you never imagined

It would transform your life completely.

You only need to give it a chance to breathe

And see the magic it creates in your life

Courage shall help you to embark on the journey of reaching your goals,

It gives wings to your dreams,

You don't let Fear win the battle 

Instead, you defeat it with the sword of "Courage".

This sword doesn't come so easily but so are the good things in life

Be consistent, let the self-belief imbibe in your veins 

That all you breathe is " Courage."

And once this happens, there would be no looking back from there 

Because here, the adventure and memorable moment of your life begins.


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