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Venkatesh R

Abstract Drama Fantasy


Venkatesh R

Abstract Drama Fantasy

The Stage

The Stage

2 mins 271 2 mins 271

As he witnesses the scene, he rehearses his opinions.

The hues of his orifices, illustrate the hidden tale, the mysterious journey, and an unearthed realm or country of the area as a treat to his buffs.

His psychological references, dominate the intellect of those who expect relaxation.

 He is one among many,            

 Does he deserve recognition?

The timing of those expressions,

The punch words, influences his devotees.

He captures the souls of many, with his simplicity.

The efforts he carves bring revolt to mass.

Thou his effect does rely on the individual, who delivers him.

 He is among the many,          

    Does he deserve recognition?

Words don't make sense, but silence does at times

. Those strings, percussion, and keys stir the feelings.

The absence of his colleague gets compensated by him.

The direction of the whiff, within his anatomy, abides immortal part in the hearts of many.

He provides peace of mind, with his voice as he hacks the listener's memory, by navigating through the past and unsaid fantasies with an emotional connection.

 He is one of many,                

Does he deserve recognition?

Of all the personalities,    he is the main lead.

He articulates the connotation, by amusing the listeners and viewers in an imperceptible climate.

He masters, the many by being the creator.

He is the canvas, who serves to host the art. 

He is nowhere by being everywhere in the art piece.


 He is one of many,                   

  Does he deserve recognition?

 He is the spirit of life,                

He is the visuals of the story.         

He is the script, the dialogue,         

And the fantasy theme of emotions.    

He is the creator, behind a   motion picture.

Life is a stage, indeed. Everyone deserves recognition, as the Oscar category defines.

Some belief in the creator, of their motion picture called destiny. 

Whereas others own, the achievement and downfall of their motion pictures.

The picture may be short, or feature film. 

We may not please everyone, We can edit, the characters, scenes, and re-release our film.

Life is short, but still, it can be edited. 

The director is the best audience of his film.

Welcome critics, implement those interrogations if it makes sense, 

But don't allow the critics to ruin the belief in your film.

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