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swathi magendran



swathi magendran


The Silent Crush

The Silent Crush

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I want to see you all day long in office

Though it's through your cubicle's glass

After going back home at 8.

I Just lay still for the night to pass

I gt up every day thinking 

Today wat you'll Wear,

Naah, not to match with your attire cus whatever it is

I m anyways going to stare.

The sweet high I get when I see u

It's just like the tipsiness of wine

Ufff that crips white shirt of yours,

Gives me a rush of dopamine,

many guys are scattered all around 

My eyes refusing to see any of 'em

You outstand everyone present in the room

Like a special piece kept in a museum.

I m shameless when I stare at u

I just ignore everyone's talk

Whenever you go around the office

Its nothing less a ramp walk

When you give me that smile.

You sweep me off my feet. 

When you look into my eyes.

My heart skips a beat.

You are the sugar in ma coffee,

Chilled ice cubes of my cola

You are highly irreplaceable just like

Fluffy bhatura of my Chola,

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