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Allyanza Kuruvilla

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The Sculptor

The Sculptor

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I am the sculptor of my own body and mind,

For what I crave within me is by my own actions,

These actions are those that will define me,

I carve my way through a swirl of emotions and thoughts,

A pile of anxiety that blocks me from exploring and thinking straight,

A cold, deep un-illuminated fear grips onto my shuddering conscience,

I still incise into my brain, trying to find a path free from obstacles and one that is illuminated,

Sometimes I feel like I'm sculpting to hard and my whole world rocks around,

Things are spinning and I'm crashing down,

But guess what the sculptor carves his/ her way differently each time they make a mistake,

One way leads to another and so on it goes,

"Man cannot remake himself without suffering, for he is both the marble and the sculptor"- Alexis Carrel

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