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Romance Fantasy



Romance Fantasy

The Prime Numbers' Love Story

The Prime Numbers' Love Story

1 min

Once 59 chanced to fall in love with 61,

And 61 agreed on this unofficial first date.

In the end, he was ready only one minute early

But that didn't matter, as she arrived one minute late!

And from then on there was non-stop chatter;

How they loved x-factor, How they had two factors,

How all that did not really matter!

Distinctiveness made them better. 

One day she was talking about stuck up 60.

She noticed that 59 looked a bit shifty -

He blushed and told her of his crush

“The best thing that never happened, For it led to us.”

Now 61 was clever to see, Not prone to jealousy!

She looked him in the eyes, And told him quite tenderly,

"You're 59 and I'm 61, together we combine

To become twice of what 60 could ever be!"

At this point, 59 had tears in his eyes,

He told her the very definition of being prime was that,

With only one (1) and himself (59) could his heart divide;

And she was the one (1) he wanted to give his heart to!

She said she felt the same and now

She knew all the films were only half true

Because that was reel love, That love was just a sample.

When it came to real love, They were a prime example!

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