Hurry up! before its gone. Grab the BESTSELLERS now.
Hurry up! before its gone. Grab the BESTSELLERS now.

Venkatesh R

Abstract Drama Romance


Venkatesh R

Abstract Drama Romance

The Mart

The Mart

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The mart opened for all.

There are racks stacked with the creations.

As the price tags are attached, followed by ingredients as a second unverified priority that incites the prospects to crack the deal.

The mart is opened for all, with window shopping.

There are crispy snacks.

There are usual groceries.

There is a humor gazette.

The Mart is open for all.

There is an art segment for specific benefactors.

There is imported merchandise for affluent clients.

There is an export disposition for those who foresee the future.

There are contemporary derivatives, for those who harmonize with eternity. 

There are traditional stocks, for those who follow the community.

The mart is opened for all, satisfying the specific needs of consumers.

The retailers engaged in promoting the interests.

The customers are amused with the trendy standards.

The bankers are occupied overpowering the champions.

The obsession with mart happens with all.

There is online and in-store shopping.

There are commodities with shelf life.

There are products with warranty cards.

There is a return policy with a legal obligation.

There are refurbished products with a limited warranty. 

The mart is opened for all, with shopper responsibilities.

While the mart crushes the street peddlers.

The publicity clogs the integrity, with a mirage.

The prospects of the deal with the mundane happen as the midsized ambition quits the battle.

As the transaction ensues with hope with contract remains with the statute.

The mart is opened for all, driven by reliance.

While discussing the commodities sold by the mart, 

What happens to the shelf life of the stock, that fails to fulfill the competition?

The mart is open for all, but only for those with purchasing ability.

Honor the relationship please don't mystify it as a business deal. 

As feelings can't be traded but properties can be.

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