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Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Shunvrutha Sundar

Abstract Inspirational


Shunvrutha Sundar

Abstract Inspirational

The Living Dead

The Living Dead

3 mins

The moon cast it's light
On the boat that silently floated...
As the lake whispered to the stagnant winds
That her visitor's love was most elite.

The birds were sleeping
And the trees were brushing the shores.
The black water still and weeping,
Crocodiles scavenging the lake's floor.

That very place, that very day,
But a year ago...
They who were now a couple
Had had their first kiss
Under the rainbow.

But now there was silence
It was just the two of them.
The darkness was immense
His mind in mayhem.

Her hair was pure silk's synonym,
Her azure blue eyes were his favourite holiday spot...
Her lips never failed to invite him,
And he knew too well that he loved her with all his heart!

He winked at the face that belonged with him forever
And she winked back.
He knew he is going to be lost in her forever
Turning him into an insomniac.

Her lips parted but did not speak
Her eyes were open but there was no gleam
Her heart in its cage but it never beat
Yet he was invited for a kiss.

He leaned in to get close to her face
He did not feel her warm breath
Instead he felt the cold surface of the wicked lake
That had offered his lover her death.

Like his first kiss, he hoped his last kiss would also last an eternity...
As he vacantly stared into the lake
At her face that was as dead as humanity
And as pale as a snowflake.

He gently touched her cheek
And the lake began to ripple...
Distorting her beautiful face.
His soul began to cripple.

As his heart cried out the woes it had been hiding for six months,
And his eyes spoke the words of his disfigured mind,
He slowly saw his maiden's face sink into the lake
To the depths where she would be hard to find.

He did not want to lose her again
Like the last time he let her die...
This time he would save the dead from her death
And calm the storms arising from his mind's eye.

He felt like he too had drowned into the lake
But felt everyone around him breathe
It's when he came to know
That depression had begun to eat.

For half a year
He had suffered from loneliness
And not a day passed without shedding a tear.
Now if he saves his hallucination, he knew he will bring mortality to his inevitable stress.

So he reached out to the fading face
Diving into the vile waters.
In the depths impenetrable by the moon's rays,
Were crocodiles ready for another slaughter.

He sunk deep into the lake
But a depth not as deep as the darkness pierced to shatter him into nobody...
He felt freezing coldness
But a cold that was not as cold as his fiance's inanimate body.

He struggled to breathe
But a struggle less painful than her loss,
His limbs were immobile
But an immobility better than that which his depression had caused.

His body was experiencing pain
But a pain less painful than caused by his deceased wife,
He knew he was going to meet his death
But a death not as pitiful as his life.

White light began to embrace him
And darkness began to cease
At last he got what he wanted---
A death in peace.

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