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The Epoch Of Artemis

The Epoch Of Artemis

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The night sky is your demesne
White you are, is what they say
Red, yellow, black and grey
Are all the colours that you display.

Your craters are the dimples
That adorn your cheek
And each time you smile
It anneals the weak.

Shy you are most of the time
And stick behind the clouds like glue.
But twice a year you create a phenomenon
When the sun takes shelter behind you.

You wax and wane for thirty days
Constantly changing your shape.
From a circle to crescents of varied sizes
Concealed once behind a black drape.

Rarely an alluring red you turn
And follow me as I travel at night
Tagging along all the way
Never going out of sight!

Close to the horizon
Brushing past the trees,
Like a splash of marmalade
That moves with the breeze.

The night sky spotted with tiny stars
Seems to lose its beauty.
As I stare into your orange eye,
Time fleets to eternity.

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