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Manisha Singh

Romance Tragedy


Manisha Singh

Romance Tragedy

The Illusion

The Illusion

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Couldn't find a way out

From this illusion,

Of happiness I created 

With the mere presence of 

A being, who

Didn't go by my name. 

Who wasn't me, 

Didn't like their coffee

Like I did, not me. You. 

You made yourself 

Scarce, leaving me


In a spiral

Waiting to be 

Able to 

Make this choice, 

To be or not to be

An emotional mess

A chaotic spirit

An insecure soul 

To be or not to be


Who would seek help

To repair the damage 

They caused

Within themselves. 

Midst the chaos, 

It started raining

And I stood there


Waiting for answers

For the plastic sheet

That I wanted you 

To hold over my head

So that I could be 


From the clouds

That I purposely condensed

Out of my tears

And yet, you ran away

To seek shelter 

From the thunder

From the rain, the tears

I looked up, 

I felt them falling

On my face

They didn't hurt enough 

To break me, 

To take me

Away from myself 

So, I smiled, 

I embraced

Every little droplet

That tore itself out

Of those clouds

So it reaches back

To where it always belonged, 

My eyes.

And you, you were 

A part of my pain, 

Pushing me to the edge

From where I fell, nonetheless 

But my feet never hit the ground

I sprouted wings

And I flew.

Little did you know

That this pain

Was merely 

A colorful rainbow

Right after the rain.

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