The Hope

The Hope

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It was drizzling all the day,

Peacocks enjoyed around in May,

Midst their joy, ceased the rain,

All in hope began to pray.

Soon forgotten was the merry rain,

All they prayed, drowned in vain,

Drought and heat ruined delight,

Soon again they lost their sane.

Dens were cursed, nests were burned,

From their menage they were shunned,

Hope, again, lost its essence,

For all were bemused and conned.

Amid their agony and suffering,

Appeared the angel beautiful and charming,

To cast away pain and iniquity,

To conciliate will and bring back their dwelling.

Hope again was at its peak,

Its conviviality came all to seek,

Soon, again, forgotten was the deadly pain,

Prayer and angel were no more of need.

The angel should have long gone,

For her job was all done,

Yet she did not revert,

Coz the seed of Hope was not properly sown.

They may lose faith, again on deprivation,

Hapless beings may fall to subjection,

Now hope needed to be bestowed,

So it was she to make the correction.

She had to show the ants to them,

She had to show the food they stored,

Coz they knew winter was near,

And would stamp out everything that was dear.

Her empathy forged their will and faith,

Beheld them and raised their breath,

For so they could learn to live,

And accept the circle of life and death.

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