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Vishabh Gola

Drama Tragedy Inspirational


Vishabh Gola

Drama Tragedy Inspirational

''The Guest Made War Zone"

''The Guest Made War Zone"

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Our home was good enough,

Having security so tough,

No enemy can easily cross through,

The divine nature which seems so true.

One day, the demon having a mask of the guest entered,

Our toughest security had to surrender,

All joy, happiness, and smiles have gone,

Own house became a war zone.

Ready for battle in different modes

Replace the fern greens with those white coats,

The soldiers having bullets, guns, and scope,

Replace them with soldiers having 

Tablets, injections, and stethoscope,


No need for fire,

Prepare ourselves with a sanitiser,

On duty pending sleep,

Treat family members without weep.

The terrorist attack on soldiers,

Nonother than our own few family members,

Although they have disunited,

The majority of family members get disappointed.


Still, our soldiers serve us selflessly,

Fight against the evil guest endlessly,

All have failed prayers and sophistication,

Without losing any patience,

Lit up the hope with more medications.

Their duty is not a formality,

They work for humanity,

Fearlessly go on without any dispute,

We all only can pay them a big salute,

They serve our whole nation,

Hence become a great inspiration.

Take step so wise,

Accept the ways those are more precise,

Supporting them in such a horrible time,

By locked up ourselves in self-quarantine.

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