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Vidujith Vithanage



Vidujith Vithanage


The Fire, Ashes & The Wind

The Fire, Ashes & The Wind

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Behold the cycle of life

How events unfold before thy eyes

Cause and effect, the sacred duo 

In an enternal loop, ruling over them

All beginnings must come to an end

Permitting the glamour, of a new birth at hand

Fire isn't mere death, rebirth comes with it

Desolation of hope while remnant memories

Of past so dear to thee, lost in the sands of time

A grey, light and soft dust is all that remains

hiding the warmth of the coal beneath 

Yet a mild breeze may unleash its firey touch

The wind blows from whence to where 

Is seldom a mystery to a traveler, well-traversed the seas

All change is 'death' in the hope of resurrection 

The fire, ashes, a dashing wind, and fire again

We die, just a little many times to stay alive

It is an irony of human life, finite but to what end? 

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